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Mock Interview

On April 5th, at 12:30, I had a mock interview with James Anderson, who is a business project senior specialist at CIGNA Company. Although I was late on that day, he only said “who does not have a busy day, right?” which I appreciated a lot. Since the professor send those interviewers’ mini- autobiography. So I knew that he was working in Johnson & Johnson, and we talked a little bit about that company which was about how great that company is. I love Johnson & Johnson this company a lot. It survived from World War One, the Great Depression, and World War Two. And it is becoming much and much stronger, more than ever. We went through some Traditional Interview Questions as well. When he asked me, “do you prefer working on a team or as an individual contributor?” I basically combined my own working experience with it, and I said “I actually more enjoy working on a team rather than an individual contributor, because I used to work in a restaurant before which is not a one person’s job, it takes many people and time to work on it, to manage it, and run it. ”

As myself, I take every firm and company as a big running machine, and each stuff members are working as a small part and component of this machine. Everyone is involved, and everyone is important as well. In order to make this machine runs, each part and component is indispensable. It may start to running if without some part or component, but it won’t work as well as if everyone is involved. It was a great experience to having an interview with him. The whole interviewing didn’t take too long, and it was only about 20 minutes. But he gave me a very good impression from the beginning to the end. It is very important to have such a mock interview before we take the real interview with some big companies. It isn’t just gave me the experience, but it also gives me the courage.

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