Missions of World Agricultural Centers

Maintaining biodiversity has been of extreme importance as viewed by the mission statement of the agricultural centers of the world. Please answer the following questions. Define biodiversity. 5 points. Biodiversity is a sign of a healthy ecosystem; it is the presence of numerous species of plants, animals, fungi, and other life in various population sizes and locations in an ecosystem. We are in the middle of crisis stemming from the reductions of biodiversity in ecosystems across the globe. The Amazon rainforest is the first example to come to mind, but there are many other fragile ecosystems that are in peril as I write this essay.

Biodiversity allows for natural cycles to take place – horticultural systems, animals systems (predator and prey relationships, for example), various nutrient cycles, and other similar systems that intertwine to form the ecosystem. By what means are CGIAR and government bodies attempting to preserve the world’s biodiversity? Do you believe these methods are successful? 10 points Modern efforts of preserving biodiversity, those conducted by both the CGIAR and government bodies, are seemingly provide a great service.

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Seedbanks and germplasm storage facilities really interesting and may prove very helpful in future times of need. I wonder, though, if these efforts are enough to really to be considering “successful”. While we are preserving seeds and other germplasm for research and future use in various places around the world, our biodiversity is decreasing precipitously as deforestation continues in the Amazon.

In other words, I think seed banks, germplasm storage facilities, and seed savers around the world are pursuing a noble goal, to have back-ups for breeding a new world in the event of a catastrophe.

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My point is that all signs are that we already in the middle of a catastrophe, smack dab in the middle losing hold in the one world we were provided with. Pollution is rampant, carbon dioxide levels are absurd, and biodiversity is being lost a numbing rate. Recent research has suggested that insects are disappearing at a calamitous rate and we barely noticed, may NOT have noticed unless some folks noticed their car windshields had been cleaner and clearer (sans insect smears) in that last few years.

So, while, these large (and small) entities are tasking themselves with saving seed and genetic material for the future, what good is that if there really isn’t much to look forward to? For effective action, agricultural, industrial, and other production systems should turn their direct focus towards sustainability and promoting biodiversity. Save the planet! You are asked to be part of a panel to propose new means of maintaining and preserving biodiversity in the world. What new means would you propose? Be creative and thorough in your answer and be sure to support your answer. 10 points

I am very fortunate to be part of this panel, where we are brainstorming to find creative new ways to maintain and preserve biodiversity across the globe. Follow me if you will… we are currently using all the available arable land for agriculture and predictions (and common sense) say that we will continue to seek and use ‘marginal land’ for the expansion of agriculture. This so-so land for farming is, in reality, the wetlands, forests, deserts, and other often-fragile ecosystems that support biodiversity in various regions all across the world. So, if we improve upon the biodiversity in agricultural ecosystems, know as agroecosystems in the literature, we can have a large impact on maintain resilient ecosystems and the biodiversity therein.

Of course, there should be serious consideration before we continue to expand agricultural lands worldwide, i.e. how can we farm better on existing lands? This is a key driver in the sustainable agriculture movement that has been growing in popularity and adoption. As described by Altieri, healthy agroecosystems support high levels of biodiversity, which in turn promotes many things: nutrient cycling, microclimate regulation and watershed health, suppression of pathogenic organisms, and clean-up of various heavy metals and other noxious compound in the environment (or pollution created on farm, i.e. nitrate leaching).

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