My Hobby of Volunteering at Care Centers

Through out my school career, I strive to be a good student. The pressure in school is really harsh. Sleeping around 1 or 2 am is an everyday thing, because I’ve been so dedicated to schoolwork. Stress has always been something I can get around, because my hobby makes me a relaxed person and at the same time see others be happy as well as learning something new. Hobby is activity that a person does for pleasure. Well my hobby I enjoy a lot is volunteering at 8 care center.

On Friday 1 free myself to volunteer for a few hours at a care center, where elders are waiting for someone to make their life a little better in the last few days. To do that, I help them to play bingo, horse racing etc. First few times, I fell kind of shy about talking to these elders and didn‘t know the proper steps of taking care of them, I could tell it wasn’t too fun for them.

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I would often find nurses to help out, however it took time and the elders didn’t want to wait too long. Once, searching for a nurse took 20 minutes, the elders were really aggravated at me.

Then I quickly distributed candy to calm them down. For a while, I was dealing with kids who needed care and others to entertain them. As I get used to their manners, [began to feel more like a friend to them. A veteran from WWII told me the hardship he had to face against the Germanys.

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Due to the tests I had in school on that Friday, I was going to collapse. I honestly didn’t want to volunteer that Friday, 4 hours of sleep really got me But the encouragement from the veteran and the story he told me about facing the enemy, I told myself to have no fear and continue to study to achieve my goal. Another lady showed me some of her fine arts that she painted during an early age. The realistic characters and objects attracted me Every little character was carefully drawn, as if popping out like 3-D objects. She taught me to be patient, not only at art but also in life and school. Patience is the key to success, which lead to a good future.

I can be familiar with different knowledge which acquire only if i volunteer at the care center and by talking to the elders. Not so long did I get to know most of the elders and nurses around the building. It is much easier after 1 month of trying and error of taking and experiencing with them, When I play bingo with them, i would be a very talkative person if John were around whom likes to communicate a lot On the other hand, I would be a quiet person when everyone is silent. After the few hours of working, I can feel a new person. It’s always been this way since the day I started it. Not only volunteering at the care center makes the elders happy, but also I can experience different situations and how to manage them, There are many things I don’t know about in the world. By working at the care center, elders who had encountered enough difficulty can tell me that about the things I need to improve. The most important is that I can feel a new me after the few hours of volunteering. Suddenly all my stress is gone.

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