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Mid-Life Crisis of Todd Dempsey

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (580 words)
Categories: Crisis,Human,India,Old Age,World
Downloads: 14
Views: 2

A middle aged man, Todd Dempsey is having a mid-life crisis. He has two choices, either lose his job or go to India and train the people who are taking over his job.

Unreluctantly and unwillingly, Todd travels to Gharapuri, India. Where he will have a life-changing experience. Upon arrival in Bombay, he misses his transport after being mistaken for Mr Toad instead of Mr Todd. He then travels far by train and car to Gharapuri where he is met by his successor Mr Puro.

When he arrives at his home stay, he is immediately asked extremely personal questions and learnt the hard way that Indians see their left hand as dirty and that one should never use the same hand to retrieve food.

The following day at the call centre, Todd is in for a shock. The call centre is in despair as the call centre are locals who have no experience at all, no understanding of the products they are selling and no understanding of American culture and style.

He determines they need a crash course on American Culture and teaches staff to speak like Americans, asking the customers the weather and say that they are in Chicago.

As the days go on, the MPI has dropped. However, the team are still having trouble. One of the staff suggested a customer purchase rubber for their child’s first day of school. However, in America, a rubber refers to a condom and not an eraser, different from India.

Frustrated from work, Todd chances upon an ad of ‘MacDonnels’, a ‘Macdonalds” knock off. He decides to travel far to Bombay to have a cheeseburger where he finds out this Macdonald’s knock off does not have any meat options. He meets a gentlemen who tells him to let go of some of his American ethics and principles in order to fully embrace the Indian Culture.

The next day, Todd unknowingly exits the house to ‘Celebration of Colour’, a holy day. He is taken aback at first but decides to embrace this event and participate fully, throwing water bombs and paint at others.

Upon return to the office, he finds Aysha, one of the staff heading the team where the MPI has dropped to 8.12. He then seeks inputs from the staff, encouraging them to make their workspace more comfortable and homely. Todd also introduces a rewards system on the company’s products to further encourage the workers.

In the process of retrieving the wrongly delivered company products, Aysha (Assistant Manager) and Todd get stucked on Kamansutra Island where they stay the night and have an affair. Todd learns that Aysha had been betrothed at a very young age.

After returning back to Gharapuri, he finds that the MPI has dropped to 5.59 but his boss has paid a sudden visit to check on the operations. However, disaster struck and the call centre had a flood. Todd decides to move the operations to the roof of the building and proved to his boss with the MPI dropping below 6. However, the reward of his team hitting an MPI of 6 and below is that the call centre is now being outsourced to China and Todd must move there to train his new replacement.

Upon announcing the team’s lost of jobs, they are not angry or sad. This is because the team now have to experiences and sufficient skills to find a new job. Todd had successfully embraced the Indian culture, benefitting greatly from it.

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Mid-Life Crisis of Todd Dempsey. (2019, Nov 24). Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/mid-life-crisis-of-todd-dempsey-essay

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