The Significance of My Memory Box: A Personal Reflection

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My memory box is a box of the past . It has good meanings for me and whenever I opened it I see my whole future in it, and for these reason I will respect the contents of my box. To achieve my goal in nursing, to revitalize myself, and to travel to various countries. You see my daughter lays in this box, and I hope to be an advocate some day for people that are sick, and in need of someone to speak and to make the right choses for them.

First, when I look in my memory box , I see my daughter.

My daughter died two years ago and during that time we had no body but ourselves to speak for her we had no friends nor families to visit nor to bring food for us. We were like an island without a ship -abandoned. During my dilemma I believed that if I had someone to lean on and to help us fight those doctors , Ashley probably would be saved.

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I want to go back to school and accomplished my Bachelors degree in nursing, and become an advocate for sick and needy people who have no body to speak for them ,and not only that, to be their companion.

Ashley, was diagnosed with Rhado myosarcoma and during her treatment she under went various miss treatment such as aspiration pneumonia, wrong blood type, wrong medications and infiltrations . October 15th, 1998-January 18th, 2010. Secondly, I am trying to revitalize myself, you see when Ashley died I died too.

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I want to gain the energy to beat my depression and to graduate from school and become a registered nurse sometimes people are given a mission in life and they don’t know where to start, I say to start first.

We must first educate overselves before we can actually do anything, so this is why I am in school. Next, I must travel. Travelling means to me that more education, more ways of information and meeting all class of people telling them my problems speaking out ! who knows what might become of me. I am on a mission I want to be someone else’s voice. My memory box is filled with journefication and desire and I know it will not be an easy road, however, I am willing to be an advocate . I will fine the strength and I will gain the information by God’s willing.

Updated: Apr 29, 2023
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