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Memories of the First Day of Kindergarden

Categories: Memory

How I felt on the first day of kindergarten

One of my scariest event that I went through in life, when I was younger was going to school for the very first time. It seems like I was just getting though from preschool stage. Now here I am going to a bigger school in a new class room with more strange kids, as well as a new teacher. Are you kidding me! Now I have to face going into the real world where school is not full of fun and games anymore like is was in preschool.

Now I have to actually do some school work like writing my name and learning colors, numbers and words and writing sentences.

Wow how fun is that? I t seems like my old memories I had in preschool is just the thing in the past. Now it’s time to move on to another chapter in my life. It can also be so strange when a memory from your past can remain so clearly in your mind, after considerably for a long period of time.

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I can remember my mother telling me for a few weeks prior to the big day how wonderful school was going to be and how I would meet a new crew of friends. She also told me that the other kids are going to be scared just like I am. Now it‘s my very first day of kindergarten.

Boy I was scared. The memories of walking to school were all so clear to me.

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I can vividly remember how I felt when I got inside my stomach was is knots. Now I am standing with my mother just like the rest of the kids, I saw parents leaving their kids behind. I turned to my mother and asked her why the kid’s parents are leaving. My mother answered me and said that they left their children here to play. That’s when my mother failed to mention that she was going to leave me as well. Boy I said to myself she is going to leave me with twenty little strangers and one big lady.

The big lady seemed to think that she was in control. I learned that she was my teacher. That’s when my mother looked at me and said I will be back at the end of the day don’t worry everyone is very nice here. That’s when she gave me peak in the cheek I looked at her with my glassy eyes ready to cry. I was so confused, wondering why she left me here at school. She slowly walked away, turning back a few times to check if I started to mingle with the other children as I stood still and looked around the room I said to myself I see no children playing.

All I did see is the children trying to keep their parents from leaving them. I observed seeing one of the children started to cry, and turned red in her face, yelling and pounded on her mother’s legs, which made me feel even worse of course and more scared. Then when I looked the other direction to the left of the class room that’s when I notice a big table with lots of crayons and there were many colors to choose from and along with the crayons can paper and other fun things to do.

Then I noticed some children here were at the same preschool then I was so that’s when I became dutiful exceeded. Then the door closed behind me and all of the sudden I was stricken with fear again there were so many children around me. Most of them were running around, zooming past me like racing cars on a race track, narrowly missing me by tiny fractures. I felt like a stray dog lost in the middle of a big city all I wanted was to go home again. I knew the best thing to do was to take a deep breathe. I would soon realize that everything would be ok.

I then began to walk down the hall. That’s when I waved through the crowed. I don’t want to get run over by older children, as I walked my eyes scanned around the hall way ,trying to find someone I know It seemed impossible . After feeling like I had been wondering for hours, finally I heard someone calling my name. I felt relief. She was standing with a large group of familiar faces that I had recognized from preschool suddenly I started to feel better as they approached me and began to welcome me. It was a comfort knows that I was not alone anymore.

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