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Maslow’s theory of human requirements focuses on the essential foundation and the relations of human requirements A requirement is a physiological or mental deficiency that a person wishes to please In his theory, Maslow determined human needs and classified them into 5 levels. These levels are physiological needs, security needs, social needs, esteem requirements and self-actualization needs. It is essential for supervisors to understand this theory because these needs trigger tensions which can affect a person’s work mindset and habits

Maslow’s theory is based on two underlying concepts:
Deficit principle which states that a satisfied requirement no longer encourages behavior due to the fact that people act to please denied needs Development concept that mentions that the 5 requirements he recognized exist in a hierarchy, which implies that a requirement at any level can just be put into play after a lower-level need has been satisfied.

Maslow identified five levels of human requirements, beginning from highest to lowest which are:

Physiological needs: Physiological requirements are fundamental human needs and biological needs such food, water, shelter, air, sleep, and so on.

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These requirements are the strongest due to the fact that the physiological needs come first in the person’s look for satisfaction. Ex: rest and refreshment breaks, physical convenience on the job, reasonable work hours

Safety needs: Security needs consists of the need of security, defense, and stability in order to be devoid of the threat of physical and psychological damage. It is essential to understand this need and for managers to supply a safe workplace.

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Ex: safe working conditions, job security, base settlement and benefits

Social requires: Social requirements are those related to interaction and belongingness with other people and consist of work groups, good friends, household, love and affection, relationships, and so on. Individuals seek to get rid of feelings of isolation and alienation and managers need to comprehend this to guarantee staff member involvement, production and inspiration. Ex: friendly colleagues, interaction with clients, pleasant supervisors

Esteem needs: Esteem needs are when people prefer self-confidence from both themselves and by others too. Esteem needs include achievement, mastery, respect, competence, prestige, recognition, managerial responsibility, etc. Managers who understand this can help ensure employees and team members feel valued and respected which increases their self-esteem. Ex: responsibility of an important job, promotion to higher status job, praise and recognition from the boss

Self-actualization needs: Self-actualization is a person’s need to reach their full capability. It is the highest need because it develops only after all of the foregoing needs are satisfied and includes realizing personal potential, personal growth, self-fulfillment, and creativity. As a manager, it is important to help employees or team members find this, so their employees will be satisfied and productive. Ex: creative and challenging work, participation in decision making, job flexibility and autonomy

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