Manage physical resource

Outcome 1

Explain the importance of using sustainable resources:

Sustainability means more than merely lasting or surviving; it means designing and delivering health care that uses resources in ways that don’t prejudice future health and wellbeing.The importance of using sustainable resources is to protect our natural resources. Using sustainable resources and materials is good for the environment and it is cost efficiently. Explain the potential impact of resource use on the environment: The Health and Social Care sectors are under increasing pressure to reduce its environmental impact as local, national and global efforts to mitigate climate change gather pace.

Under the terms of the 2008 Climate Change Act, the United Kingdom is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 34 per cent by 2020, and by 80 per cent by 2050. As a significant contributor to emissions, the health and social care sector must play its part in meeting these targets, and a number of policy levers, such as the CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment) Energy Efficiency Scheme, create a financial incentive to do so.

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Explain how to use resources effectively and efficiently:

Resources can be used effectively and efficiently in health and social care practices by making sure that we buy things that are needed not to just stack loads of things which will give the staff the idea of over using resources. Also making sure that there is control measures of how the resources are being used and having someone that is accountable for the use and management of resource will help with them used effectively.

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Describe actions one can take to minimise any adverse environment impact of using physical resources: To reduce its impact on the environment (commonly referred to as ‘mitigation’), the health and social care sector needs to ensure that it can function in a changing natural environment (‘adaptation’). Anticipated environmental changes include changes to the climate, but also increasing scarcity of natural resources such as fossil fuels and water (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 2007; Hanlon and McCartney 2008).

These changes will have direct consequences for service provision, and will also affect the population’s health and social care needs (Department of Health/Health Protection Agency 2008). Sustainability means being prepared for these changing needs. Taking measures that explicitly promote sustainability such as adopting new technologies in hospitals and other facilities, which reduce the environmental impact of health and social care buildings. But more fundamentally, it means delivering health and social services in a way that is as effective and efficient as possible. Ultimately, the most sustainable system is one that minimises unnecessary or ineffective use of resources (financial or natural) by delivering the right care, in the right place, at the right time – and by preventing care needs from arising at all, where possible.There is, therefore, a close connection between environmental sustainability and efforts to improve productivity (for example, through the Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) programme).

Outcome 2

Consult with colleagues to identify their planned activities and corresponding resources needs: The care Coordinator planned to do an activity with service users to do cake decorations for Christmas party. The resources needed for this are: Cake ingredients, flour, butter, sugar, vanilla essences, colouring, icing sugar, cake boxes, cake stencils, cake tins, boards. Evaluate past resources use to inform expected future demands: Checking the past resources we have used to do decorations for the easter cakes will help us to cut down the financial needs needed to carry this new activity. We will use the left over ingredients which are still valid to make some cakes and decoration but we will still need other resources to add on top to be able to carry out the activity as planned. Identify resources requirements for own area of responsibility: Resources required from me will be money to buy other ingredients needed:Food colouring, cake stencils, butter, icing sugar and more cake boxes.

Outcome 3

Submit a business case to procure required resources:

The reason for the planned activity was to seek the service user engagement into something that will stimulate them and providing relaxation to their every day life. This activity will help the service users to develop skills in cooking and using number to calculate numbers which is learning a key skill. This activity was planned because the service users had requested it as part of their acitivities and also to prepare themselves towards Christmas and to have presents to give to their loved ones. The activity will need money to get the required resources which will be around 100 pounds.

There will need to be budgeted the addition of more staff(3 staff)for 5 hours to help the activity coordinator in making sure the plan succeed, so this means that we need money to pay staff for 15 hours extra for that allocated day which will be another 105 pounds to the budget. The activity will take 5hours to complete. The plan is for the activity to go ahead and the service users will be happy and motivated for that day which will help them gain knowledge of making cakes. If this activity do not happen it will mean that we will have service users bored, not happy and complaining about the services provided to them which will not show a good image about the organisation regarding services being provided for service users.

Review and agree required resources with relevant individuals: The plan is for the activity to go ahead and this will be a memorable event or activity to boast service users morale. I will have to talk to my superiors to agree on the required resources of money which is the budget of 205 pounds for the activity to happen as planned. Explain an organisation’s processes for procuring agreed resources: Procurement process is the term used by businesses to describe the buying process, and can refer to the purchase of supplies or services. Our Organisation use automated tools such as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to assist procurement process person with the buying resources.

The goal of the procurement process is to buy the exact product when needed for the most favourable price. Identifying a need is the first step in the procurement process. A purchase requisition (PR) will be sent to the buyer indicating what product or service is needed. If the product or service has previously been purchased, the buyer will enter a purchase order in the ERP system or submit payment to the supplier based on the previously agreed to terms and conditions. If the product or service has not been procured before, the buyer must proceed with a request for quote (RFQ). An RFQ involves selecting a supplier, determining the price to be paid, and agreeing to the lead time and quantity for delivery.

Outcome 4

Monitor the quality of resources against required specifications: To monitor enables me to determine whether the resources we have available are sufficient and are being well used, whether the capacity we have is sufficient and appropriate, and whether we are doing what you planned to do with the resources. The quality of the resources has been good that we have some left that we will use in our next activity. Identify difference between actual and planned use of resources and take corrective action: The planned resources we had budgeted for was less than what we actually used. The hours we had budgeted for staff was less we ended up running late with the activity which means that staff had too stay longer to help the activity finish as planned.

The corrective action l took was to inform my superior of the changes and to be consider to allow extra time for staff when planning activities. Analyse the effectiveness and efficiency of resources use in own area of responsibility: We have manage to use the resources efficiently by recycling some of the resources we have life utensils, baking trays and some ingredients we had in our kitchen. At my work place we use other resources like continence pads, bottles, Conti pads we have manage to use the effectively by making sure we do a stock take on what is needed and how many we have used, this has helped to make sure we are not wasting and stocking up what are not using.

Make recommendations to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of resource use: l would recommend that staff are engaged at all levels regarding environmental sustainable resources and that they are empowered by making sure they have the knowledge and see environmental costs attached too work practices regarding resources. Also l will recommend that budgets be flexible when planning activities so that they may succeed well without problems regarding finance.

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