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Machinery, Plant and Equipment

Categories Plants

Essay, Pages 2 (445 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (445 words)

There is various machinery and equipment which is used to maintain planted. To start with hand tools will include the likes of; pitchforks, shovels, hoes, rakes, shears, trowels, and saws. These hand tools will often be used for small and more delicate jobs, often when a planted area is well embellished and requires little heavy maintenance, like with all equipment training on proper use is advised and with proper training there is little health and safety risk for the user and the public, care should be taken when using a saw and areas should be cordoned off to avoid harm from falling branches.

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Hand tools will also cause minimum distress to animals within a zoological collection, unlike powered equipment.

Powered machinery and equipment are all powered by an engine or motor using petrol or diesel, electric powered alternatives are available but are often limited to within range of a power socket or battery life.

There are various risks associated with powered equipment, first their source of fuel will be extremely flammable and poses risks of fire or explosion, the next risk is the electrical components and wires can carry the risk of electrocution if damaged or faulty, next the noise made can be very loud and long exposure can lead to hearing damage, and lastly the likes of chainsaws, mowers and strimmer’s are all used to cut things and will make light work cutting through human flesh (BCF. 2019). Certificated training is often required for to operate powered equipment and operation procedures should be in place for the use of this equipment, it is essential the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) is worn at all times plus the machinery is checked regular and well maintained (GOV.

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2012). All powered machinery and equipment can cause distress to animals if used within their vicinity and precautions should be put in place to reduce this distress (BCF. 2019).

Mowers come in various shapes and sizes, they allow grass areas to be cut quickly and to a set height, strimmer’s allow areas of grass or weeds to be cut where mowers cannot, both of these can cause risk of damaging plants using them near key plants should be avoided, on addition both of these can pose a risk to the public via stones and bark being thrown up. Blowers are used to clear paths and areas of leaf litter or other fine debris, so can cause a risk of dust being blown at the public or animals. Chainsaws pose a great risk, they require specialised training and areas to be cordoned off, they allow the user to saw through wood with ease, making felling trees a much easier job.

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