Lyme Disease And Filaments Factor

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Morgellons disease (MD) is characterized as a dermatological condition and associated with Lyme disease. Patients claiming MD could be diagnosed based on skin filaments. Testing for spirochetes and tickborne disease was conducted. Morgellons was tested through several methods including interviews, and case studies. A vast majority of the patients tested were females, nearly 70 percent. Women were sought to be more vulnerable. As shown in Table 1, MD patients have other underlying conditions that could perform a role in their cause of what is believed MD.

The genetic determination of Morgellons disease patients will require further studies.


Morgellons is classified as a disease-causing an itching or crawling sensation. This disease is also affiliated with fibers embedded in or thrusting out of the skin. Morgellons Disease does not only involve skin symptoms but may cause fatigue and joint pain. Many have listed Morgellons as a psychiatric disorder, while others believe this disease is severely realistic. A gap in the scientific evidence from Devils Bait and History of Morgellons Disease has left us without an answer to which is true.

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Devils Bait and History of Morgellons Disease provide methods and materials that best fit their articles. For History of Morgellons, the choice of methods were case studies. As shown in Table 1, the case study consisted of 29 individuals. A narrator of DOP, Ekbom, also conducted a case study of his own, as well as other people. Ekbom’s case study consisted of only seven people. The patients of these studies were required to be tested for infections and Lyme Disease.

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Factors of the case studies included patients receiving antipsychotic drugs which included antibiotics, wound dressings, and antiseptics.

Devils Bait written by Leslie Jamison also used methods in her article. Jamison’s methods were far less doctrine than the ones in the scholarly article. The method used was interviewing. Jamison would attend church gatherings to conduct her interviews. A numerous amount of people was interviewed. Dawn the nurse, Kendra who had ingrown hairs, Paul who was contaminated on a fishing trip, Lenny who claims he has the cure, Patricia who was attacked by sandflies, Sandra who coughed up what she believes to be larva, and so forth.


A total of twenty-nine individuals were involved in the case studies claiming for delusional. Of those twenty-nine patients, twenty-two were females and the remaining seven were males. These patients ranged from twenty-seven to ninety years old. If spirochetes were reported within an induvial case, this would have been a sign of Morgellons disease. Twenty-seven not reported for detection of spirochetes, one reported yes but the different methods used indicated negative results, and the last patient-reported yes but methodology was insufficient. For Ekbom, his case study was seven patients who believed to have signs of MD. Spirochetal was found in one patient and three other patients were also documented as having cases of syphilis. Unlike the other studies above, Ekbom patients did have consistent findings of MD, including little hairs, threads, skin scales, and unusual fibers.

For Leslie Jamison’s six interviews accounted for, she observed similar results with the majority of them. Some showed white patches on the leg, cheek sore, scar tissue, and even photographs were taken. Many of the interviewees resulted in one major aspect that Jamison believed, and that was sympathetic compassion.


Both article studies were conducted to determine if the documented symptoms and evidence by these self-diagnosing patients were part of the actual causing theory leading to Morgellons disease. Previous studies have suggested that Lyme disease and filaments factor into MD, but neither group above is homogenous. Meaning, there must be some resolution to having a proper universally definition of Morgellons disease.

The statement above will require further evidence of determining Morgellons disease, and if there is supporting findings that can be affiliated with MD, or if patients are truly delusional. These findings could come from a larger numbered of specific testings. The testing could range from molecular, Lyme disease testing, personal health history, corrected magnifications, or culture. With the high level of further testing, researchers may even be able to conclude if spirochetal infection, Lyme disease, or any disease etiology of Morgellons. A thorough evaluation of such disease will be designed for the determination of how and why this widespread can affect the human species.


Based on both articles, symptoms of Morgellons disease could ultimately be diagnosed as a delusional disorder. Upon further readings and knowledge, there must be enough obtained evidence to dictate so. The article History of Morgellons Disease goes on to suggest clinical judgment is needed but MD is associated with spirochetal infection. Overall Morgellons is still considered to be a psychiatric disease. Jamison concludes a similar thought but in a more passionate way. While Jamison can only assume the findings of the interviewees were based on self-diagnostics, she passes no judgment. The genetic determination of Morgellons disease patients will require further studies.

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