Luxury and Standard Hotel of Filipino Hospitality Industry


In this research study, The researchers wants to know the effects of Choosing luxury and standard hotel for the travel plan of the Filipino Travelers. Since mostly of the travelers have their gadgets, they would easily find the best hotel to accommodate during their travels. Some of the travelers wants to stay in a standard hotel because they don't have enough budget to stay in an expensive hotel. But mostly of them choose to stay in an luxury hotel because they want to be comfortable during their stay, and also they want a hotel that has a complete facilities and has a personal butler that will approach and assist them during their stay.

Travelers want a quick way to make their booking decision while still getting all the information that they need from the review content. This study aims to explore the review content before choosing a hotel so that they can knowi if the hotel has the best ratigs so the travelers be attracted to accommodate on that hotel.

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The purpose of this study is to know the Effects of choosing luxury and standard hotel for the travel plan of the Filipino travelers. It shows how Filipino chose their hotel for their travel plan whether they choose to pick a simple and standard hotel or they would prefer to pick luxury hotel. Significance of the study This study aimed to know how the traveler chose their hotel to accommodate in their travel plan. The researchers hope to gather some information to help the research study to be successful for the interviewing traveler.

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  • School- Some teacher helps us to improve our study and applied their expertise to the study of research.
  • Students- This study helps the students to know their perspective in choosing a hotel to stay in especially the factors that they consider for their hotel accomodation.
  • Future Researcher- It helps the next generation to determine the study of being a Tourism student. It can also help the home economics strand in their knowledge and communication skills.
  • Traveler- The Filipino traveler who is looking a hotel to accommodate during the travel plan.

Statement of the Problem

This study aimed to find about the Effects of choosing luxury and standard hotel for the travel plan of the Filipino Travelers. This research needs a lot of time and sacrifice to successfully perform this research. The researchers made some questions to be answered:

  1. What is the personal profile of the respondents: Age; Status; Gender; Estimated number of travels in a year?
  2. What types of hotel does the traveler usually prefer to accommodate?
  3. What do the Travelers expect if they choose Luxury and Standard Hotel?
  4. What are the factors that affect the choice of hotel for accommodation for Filipino Travelers?
  5. How can a traveler define Luxury and Standard Hotel?

Scope and Delimitation The primary goal of this research is to determine the effects of choosing luxury and standard hotel to the travel plan of a Filipino traveler. The researchers conduct this study to give knowledge about the travel plan in different interest of Filipino travelers in terms of choosing hotel between luxury and standard hotel. The researchers conducting this study within Pasig City that are at least 25 years old and above, specifically those staying in a hotel when traveling. This research attains to have 25 females and 25 males with a total of 50 respondents. This study limits its coverage in inquiring a survey questionnaire that was given 14th to 16th of January 2019 to the respondents. It covers questions like how and what. In this study, only Filipino travelers that are staying in a hotel when traveling are only included in answering the survey questionnaire and conducting this research study. The questions that used can help the future researchers that are related to this track.

Conceptual Framework

Definition of Terms

This terms that may be encountered in our research can be useful for the students to understand more about the unfamiliar words were given.

  • Luxury hotel- a hotel that has a high quality of furnishing and equipment
  • Standard hotel - it is a low-budget hotel with a small and medium sized room
  • Travel Plan- it is a planned itinerary for your vacation.
  • Filipino traveler- it is a traveler from our country that travels from other places.

Review of Related Literature

According to B.Gabawa (2017). A local survey revealed Filipinos prefer local over foreign holidays. Agoda's electronic travel and tech survey revealed Filipinos and Thais were among Asia-Pacific(APAC) domestic holidays travelers Filipinos were found out to be the regions most passionate backyard explorers. This means that Filipinos want to see more of their own beautiful beaches and local sceneries. According to Andrew Edwards director for brand and communications it shows that travel is becoming more important to people all over Asia-Pacific. If this domestic travel trend continues to rise the tourism industry in the Philippines will be up for something good. A.Tayao ( 2017 ) stated that a study found out that the Philippines was one of the Asia- Pacific countries with the most international travelers in 2015. Filipinos joined an emerging travel class having visited more that five countries in 2015.Stated by the Article The Manila Times ( 2018 ). The internet made a huge effect on tourism promotions. They encourage not only trips to tourist destination abroad but also checking out local attractions. The trendy stay-cation has given domestics tourism a huge impact. This developments is good for an increasing need of hotels. According to A. Remo ( 2018 ).

The Philippines need to improve security issues and air transport infrastructure to further improve the country's competitiveness in tourism industry. This is a crucial role for the country because of sustaining hotel occupancy rates and inviting local and foreign businessmen to hire their leisure. The tourism Department should consider sending additional special missions to neighboring traditional market such as Korea, China, and Japan to assure tourist. The demand for three and four stars must be sustained because the rising popularity of stay-cations and growing domestic travel market. Budget hotels will still be popular among millenials travelers who account for more than half of local travelers according to colliers. The rising domestic tourism led by millenial travelers helps sustain hotel occupancy in Metro Manila.

This fueled others to build more three to four stars hotel in Metro Manila and Urban areas around the capital. According to Colliers, tourism growth domestically is fueled by millenials with Filipinos aged 15-34 accountings for more than half of the 42.1 million domestic travelers. Stated by J.Ruggia (2012) that the Philipines is the second fastest growing economy in Asia. The hospitality industry is benefitting according to Manila Hotel update report from hospitality consulting firm CA hotelworks. The report made an aggressive growth with the luxury sectors of hotel. Filipinos suggested to explore their own country with the beautiful beaches and sceneries in our own country especially during holiday seasons. Mostly of the Filipinos choose to travel in Manila, Cebu and Boracay Island. Travelling is interesting especially when you are travelling across the region and see how traveling how very much important in our life. ( Philippine Primer, 2017). Stated by the article Smart Travel ( 2017 ).

Choosing a right hotel is always a trying task with the enermous numbers of promotions, deals, and programs out there, it can be down right overwhelming. It doesn't help that these days most hotel have web sites full of tantalizing photos and slick promotionals copy that make you believe, you'll be bathed in luxury as soon as you step foot into the lobby. Since every travelers has different needs when searching for a hotel, you'll need to ask yourself. What's most important to you? Whether you're looking for a guest deal, a great location or a great bed and breakfast. The hotel selection process to make it easier for you to find best hotel for everybody trip. This paper reviews the considerable literature on hotel selection. It demostrate on hotel selection. It demostrates that this body of literature has been developed, for the most part, outside of the context of a widely endorsed consumer- decision making model based on set formulation. It has been report on a study that uses an experimental design aimed of understanding hotel consumer consideration, set formation and modification rather than the previous traditional comprasis on choice sets and attributes. For a specific market segment selecting a hotel for a leisure stay (SAGE Journal, 2011). According to (J. Sevidov, 2016).

The factors of this research is to analyze factors influencing the behaviour and decision-making of local tourist in choosing Azerbaijan as a main destination. The main attributes, elements, and types of tourist detination are analyzed. The understanding of consumer's behaviour is defined and the perculiarities of decision on making process are presented. The main internal and external factors influencing tourist's behavior and decision making are summarized. Tourism is a significant sector for the development of any country's economy. The UNWTO defines tourism as a social, cultural and economic phenomenon which involves the motion of people to countries or destinations outside their typical surroundings for individual or business/ occupational reasons. (Tourism as 2010). An increasing number of destinations worldwide made tourism a key destinations/ key driver of socio-eonomic progress through the creation of jobs and enterprise, export revenues, and infrastructure development (UNWTO, 2015).

Methodology of the Study

This chapter presents the research design, research instrument, population and sample, validation procedure, data gathering procedure, data processing procedure that was used in this research study. Research Design This study was a quantitative type of research in a form of descriptive design. This design was applied as it is the appropriate type of research to determine the effects of choosing luxury and standard hotel to the travel plan of a Filipino traveler. Survey questionnaire was used in collecting data for this quantitative research. Research Instrument The survey questionnaire was a self made questionnaire that was done by the researchers and was used in gathering data. The survey questionnaire is consisted of items that determined the effects of choosing luxury and standard hotel to the travel plan of the Filipino travelers. It is a scaling type of questionnaire because it is divided ito two parts because it used likert scale because it measures attitudes or opinions. And also a checklist that a respondents can answer based on their experience in staying in a hotel.

This validation is vital to ensure the data is clean, correct and useful. In validation procedure, the researchers seek the expertise of their former teachers. The grammar of the research study was checked by their chosen English teacher who is expert in grammar, while the survey questionnaire's purpose is to gather information from respondents which are the terminologies and content was checked by the researchers former Housekeeping teachers who are expert in the major subject.

Data Gathering Procedure

After the survey questionnaire was validated by the experts, the researchers started to conduct a survey with their respondents. In gathering procedure, the researchers used a survey questionnaire in collecting data information. First, the researchers prepared questionnaire which included in their statement of the problem. Then the researcher asked a approval of their research teacher to produce another set of copies of the survey questionnaire. Then the researcher conducted a survey. It was self-administered questionnaire that was answered and completed by the respondents without the intervention of the researchers in collecting data.

Updated: Feb 22, 2021
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