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Looking at the artwork of Beatriz Gonzales reminds me of

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (427 words)
Categories: Art
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Looking at the artwork of Beatriz Gonzales reminds me of the Spoliarium by Juan Luna. I know they are very different in styles and of course are of different times, yet they evoke similar feelings. Both reflecting violence and death, and the socio-political mood of the respective countries at that time. And like the Spoliarium in the Philippines, Gonzales’ Auras Anonimas would probably go down in the history of her country as one of the greatest artworks of her time.

Roland Augustine said that not everyone in Bogota wanted Beatriz’ memorial to be preserved, “and it really doesn’t matter, she’s delivered her message.” But I wonder if Beatriz wanted more. I wonder if she was expecting actual change, or some kind of political movement.

Roland Augustine mentioned another interesting thing in his talk: “Art, its language, is in danger of being subsumed of its entertainment value, by its asset value.” Yes, when I think of “good art” especially by famous artists, I expect them to be very expensive.

For example, I can imagine that grainy photo of an electric chair by Andy Warhol is very expensive. But would it cost as much if it was taken by say, one of the prison guards?

It also brings to mind the most popular artist of this generation, Banksy, who has chosen to remain anonymous. A few months back he shocked the art world when during an auction of his artwork, a shredder went on to “destroy” it as soon as it was sold for more than a million dollars. People said it’s because he didn’t want his art to be commercialized, or he didn’t want his art to be sold at an auction. However, since it was not completely destroyed as he intended, experts are now saying he caused its price to go up even higher, and many doubters are saying that that may have been his real intention.

Beatriz Gonzales tried to send a message by creating art. On the other hand, Banksy sent his own message by destroying art. They may have different ways, but both have similar objectives, which is to evoke feelings to the people who will witness their art.

I personally don’t think all artists have lofty goals when they start an artwork. I believe some just want to create something beautiful to look at, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Art makes people think and feel things, whether it makes them happy or sad, angry or shocked. As long as we feel something, it reminds us that we care. For that, I say art matters.

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