What defines a successful life in three decades?

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The meaning of success comes in many forms and many definitions. It depends on what one is searching for in life and searching for in business. Athletes may have one definition of success, and a stay-at-home new wife may have another. A musician may see success as a number-one hit, and a student may see success as having A’s in all his courses. It really depends on the perspective of life one has. Perspectives on success are as numerous as the stars.

Here we need to understand the meaning of success.

I think success is different for everyone and can’t be termed in values of what one gets or achieve in life. So long as one is not contented and one is able to live comfortably without fear of losing everything one has, without fear of imminent danger at all times this probably would I consider success. To me, success is doing better in my family, better job, having a more comfortable life, being able to give the things I want to my own children, and being the best entrepreneur in the world.

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Success if finding who one is in the world and makes one’s place in it.

Success to most people is when one has an ongoing string of accomplishments that when put together, add up to a major obtainment in life. The addition of all the accomplishments in a person’s career or life can be viewed as Success. In conclusion, when one looks back on one’s life in thirty years’ time, what would it take for one to consider one life success depends on the meaning one attached to success.

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This has been explained at the beginning of this essay. What will determine one’s success is the meaning one attached to success.

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What defines a successful life in three decades?

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