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Living off Campus vs Living on Campus

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Once students graduate high school, some choose and make their decision to either stay home and continue onto higher education, or they leave for a college and live on campus and start taking care of their own responsibilities. In my opinion, staying at home while attending college is better, but that choice has its pros and cons such as responsibilities, cost, transportation or commuting.

When living off campus vs. living on campus, the first major difference is the amount of independence that you will have.

You may need to focus on learning tips for success, but off-campus living will give students more exposure to start preparing early for life after college. Cooking dinner, managing a budget and commuting are just a few of the life lessons that you will learn from off campus living. Independence means taking control, to not be scared, and just live life as you go. Living on campus gives you a little bit of both independence and responsibility on being on your own.

Students who continue to live at home while attending college will also take on more responsibilities.

Similarly, to those who live off campus, these students will take on a more independent learning experience. They will assume the responsibility of their education such as attending classes, completing assignments, and meeting deadlines. The difference is those who live off campus may still rely on the parent or guardian to provide meals and wash their clothes. They may not experience the same level of independence that students who choose to attend a college far away from home.

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One thing to keep in mind when comparing living on campus vs. living off campus is your method of transportation. If you are planning to live in an apartment and commute to class, it is important to factor in the cost of a vehicle or public transportation. Even with a decent commute, you often end up paying less living off campus. For example, the student is the student who knows outside of the city and probably commutes to and from school. This student probably lives at home, typically with family members. The student who lives on campus, stays on campus but still has a car and pays for campus parking, and stays in a dorm on campus. Living off campus meaning staying home seems easier but maybe a tad bit difficult. Due to the fact living off campus meaning depending on family, friends sometimes even classmates.

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