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The Village by the Sea
Original title The Village by the Sea
Author Anita Desai
Genre Fiction
Language English
Characters Lila , Hari , Bela , Mama , Baba , Uncle , Aunt , Mr. Dukhi , Mrs. Dukhi , Dr. Mistry ...
Published 1982
ISBN 0-14-013906-7
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The Village by the Sea is a novel by Anita Desai, published in 1982. It is set in a small village in India and tells the story of a young girl, Lila, and her family. Lila’s father is a fisherman and her mother is a housewife. The family is very poor and Lila’s father often goes away for long periods of time to fish. Lila and her siblings are left to fend for themselves. One day, a huge cyclone hits the village and destroys everything. Lila’s family is forced to move to the city to find work. They find themselves in a slum and Lila must work to support her family. The novel follows Lila as she grows up and tries to make a better life for herself and her family.

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