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The Man Who Was Almost a Man
Original title The Man Who Was Almost a Man
Author Richard Wright
Genre Fiction
Language English
Characters Dave Saunders, Mrs Saunders, Jim Hawkins, Mr Hawkins
Published 1961
ISBN 978-0-14-303989-4
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Dave Saunders is a seventeen-year-old African American sharecropper who lives with his parents on a plantation in Mississippi. He is frustrated with his position in life and feels that he is not respected as a man. Dave wants to buy a gun to prove his manhood, but his mother refuses to give him the money.One day, while Dave is out working in the fields, he comes across a dead hawk. He takes the hawk home and skins it, making a pair of gloves out of the hide. He then uses the hawk’s talons to shoot at a barn, killing a chicken in the process. When his mother finds out, she is angry and says that he must pay for the chicken.Dave goes to the store to buy a gun, but the storekeeper will not sell him one without his mother’s permission. Dave is so desperate to have a gun that he steals the storekeeper’s pistol. He is immediately caught and is brought before the judge. Dave is sentenced to two years in prison.When he is released, Dave returns home and finds that his parents have died. He goes to work for a white family, but he is constantly treated as a child. One day, he gets into an argument with the son of the family and quits.Dave finally realizes that he will never be respected as a man unless he changes his ways. He returns to the plantation and asks for his job back. The family agrees to take him back, and Dave Saunders finally becomes a man.

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FAQ about The Man Who Was Almost a Man

An Analysis of Richard Wright’s The Man Who Was Almost a Man
...There is an overriding sense of dramatic irony in this piece that categorizes it as a satire, and the story can used and interpreted by different audiences as a whole because of this reason. Dave has a one track mind that keeps getting him into troub...
Comparison: Sonny’s Blues & The Man Who Was Almost a Man by Baldwin & Wright
...James Baldwin and Richard Wright's short stories have several similarities between a few of their key characters, with noticeable discrepancies that can give the themes of the stories contrasting messages. The title characters in both “Sonny's Blue...
Setting: the Man Who Was Almost a Man
...With the a table, chairs, floor and a kitchen. In my opinion, Dave's house is not too big. Her father in the other room could hear the voice of a conversation between Dave and his mother. And Dave has his own room. After Dave bought a gun, he didn't ...
The Man Who Was Almost A Man English Literature
...In conclusion, Dave is trying to overcome the social structure that is forced on him by buying a gun to make others see him as a man and not just some little boy and to give him power. His plan eventually backfires causing him humiliation and showing...
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