Essays on Ruth

Ruth is a student at Hailsham, and later a carer. She is best friends with Kathy and Tommy, and later has a brief relationship with Tommy. She is a kind and caring person, and is one of the few characters who truly understands the reality of their situation.

Essay themes and ideas about Ruth

  • Ruth’s Character in Never-Let-Me-Go
  • The Importance of Ruth in Never-Let-Me-Go
  • Ruth’s Development Throughout Never-Let-Me-Go
  • The Significance of Ruth in Never-Let-Me-Go
  • How Ruth’s Character Changes in Never-Let-Me-Go
  • The Impact of Ruth’s Character on the Plot of Never-Let-Me-Go
  • The Significance of Ruth’s Character to the Theme of Never-Let-Me-Go
  • How Ruth’s Character Reflects the Values of Never-Let-Me-Go
  • The Relationship Between Ruth and the Other Characters in Never-Let-Me-Go
  • The Importance of Ruth’s Character to the Reader’s Understanding of Never-Let-Me-Go