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Our Day Out
Original title Our Day Out
Author Willy Russell
Genre Realistic Fiction
Language English
Characters Mr. Briggs, The Children: Carol, Rita, Susan, Alan, Stephen, Andrew, Wayne, Colin, Derek ...
Published 1977
ISBN 978-0141045651
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Our Day Out is a play by Willy Russell. The play is set in Liverpool, England, and follows a group of working-class students on a school trip to Wales. The play explores themes of class, education, and poverty.The play opens with the students boarding a bus for their trip. The students are excited and full of energy. However, their teacher, Mrs. Kay, is stern and doesn’t allow them to misbehave.The students are taken to Conwy Castle, where they explore the grounds and learn about the history of the castle. They also go on a nature walk, during which they see a waterfall and a river.After lunch, the students are taken to an amusement park. They go on rides and play games. They also get to go on a boat ride.The students have a great time on the trip and return to Liverpool tired but happy.

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