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Ordinary People
Original title Ordinary People
Author Judith Guest
Genre Psychological Novel
Language English
Characters Conrad Jarrett, Beth Jarrett, Calvin Jarrett, Jordan Jordy" Jarrett, Margaret "Maggie" Jarrett, Dr Berger, Jeannine Pratt, Mr Perry, Mrs Perry, Mr Healy ...
Published Jul-76
ISBN 978-0-440-37814-8
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The book tells the story of the Jarretts, a wealthy family from suburban Chicago. The father, Calvin, is a successful businessman, the mother, Beth, is a stay-at-home mom, and their son, Conrad, is a high school student. The family is devastated when Conrad’s older brother, Buck, dies in a boating accident. Conrad is left with feelings of guilt and grief, and he struggles to cope with his loss. As Conrad tries to piece his life back together, he must deal with his parents’ conflicting reactions to the tragedy. His father is stoic and withdrawn, while his mother is emotional and overprotective. Conrad slowly begins to heal as he opens up to his friends and family about his feelings. Ultimately, he learns to accept his brother’s death and move on with his life.

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