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Man Alexander Pope
Original title Man Alexander Pope
Author Alexander Pope


Language English
Characters Alexander Pope, John Milton, John Dryden, William Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, John Donne, George Herbert, Andrew Marvell, John Bunyan, Jonathan Swift ...
Published 1733-1734
ISBN 978-1-4391-0915-7
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Alexander Pope was an English poet and critic best known for his satirical verse and for his translation of Homer. He is considered one of the greatest English poets of the 18th century.Pope was born in London to a Catholic family. His father was a linen merchant. Pope was educated at home by Catholic tutors and then at Twyford School and Winchester College. He was a sickly child and was not able to attend university.Pope began writing poetry at an early age. His first published poem, An Essay on Criticism,” was published when he was 23. The poem was an instant success and made Pope famous.Pope’s most famous work is his translation of Homer’s “Iliad.” Pope’s translation is considered one of the best English translations of the epic poem.Pope was also a well-known critic. He wrote a number of essays on literary criticism. Pope’s “Essay on Man” is a philosophical poem that attempts to explain the nature of man.Pope was a controversial figure in his time. He was involved in a number of scandals, including one in which he was accused of plagiarism. Pope died in 1744 at the age of 56.”

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