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Lamb to The Slaughter
Original title Lamb to The Slaughter
Author Roald Dahl
Genre Fiction
Language English
Characters Mary Maloney , the protagonist of the story, a pregnant woman who kills her husband, Patrick Maloney , Mary's husband, a police detective, The other police detectives , the colleagues of Patrick Maloney, The doctor , who examines Mary after the murder ...
Published 1954
ISBN 978-0547247949
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The story of “Lamb to The Slaughter” is about a woman named Mary who is married to a man named Patrick. They have a son together named Tommy. One night, while Patrick is at work, Mary decides to make him a lamb for dinner. However, when Patrick comes home, he is angry and tells Mary that he is leaving her. Mary then kills him with a leg of lamb and hides his body in the freezer. When the police come to investigate, they find the lamb in the freezer and assume that Patrick was the one who killed Mary.

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...' Dahl can almost be accused of being sarcastic towards the police force. In this quote he uses the word 'discovered' as if to say the detectives found this tiny source of evidence remarkable as it probably a big issue for them to have found evidence...
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