Essays on Illusion vs. Reality

Illusion vs. Reality
Original title Illusion vs. Reality
Author Christopher Caudwell

Narrative Poetry

Language English
Characters the narrator, the protagonist, the various people that the protagonist encounters
Published 1937
ISBN 978-0-06-257044-4
Book Summary
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Table of Contents

In the book “Illusion vs. Reality”, the author explores the idea that there is a difference between what we see and what is actually there. He uses the example of a mirage to explain how our brains can trick us into seeing something that is not really there. He also discusses how our brains can fill in the gaps when we don’t have all the information. This can lead to us making false assumptions about what we see. The author provides several examples of how our brains can play tricks on us and how we can sometimes see things that are not really there.

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