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Original title Farmhand
Author James Baxter
Genre Fiction
Language English
Characters Jedidiah Jenkins, Ezekiel Jenkins, Rachel Jenkins, Simeon Jenkins, Levi Jenkins, Micah Jenkins, Rebekah Jenkins, Isaac Jenkins, Abigail Jenkins, Ruth Jenkins ...
Published 2018
ISBN 978-1-4197-2770-0
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Farmhand is a novel by American author Charles Portis. The novel tells the story of a farmhand named Hank who works for a farmer named John. John is a mean and abusive man who mistreats his workers. Hank is constantly trying to find ways to escape from John’s abuse. One day, Hank meets a woman named Sarah who tells him about a place called the Farm where people can go to be free from their abusive bosses. Hank decides to go to the Farm and finds that it is a place where people can live and work without being abused. He meets a woman named Mary who helps him find a job on the Farm. Hank and Mary eventually get married and have a child. They live happily ever after on the Farm.

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