Essays on Edgar

Edgar is a wealthy man who owns a large estate called Thrushcross Grange. He is in love with Catherine Earnshaw and wants to marry her, but her father, Hindley, does not approve of the match. Edgar is kind, gentle, and patient, but he is also shy and not very assertive. He is content to live a quiet life at Thrushcross Grange, while Hindley and Catherine live at the more turbulent Wuthering Heights.

Essay themes and ideas about Edgar

  • The Tragic Hero of Wuthering Heights
  • The Dark and Mysterious Edgar Linton
  • The Byronic Hero of Wuthering Heights
  • The tortured soul of Edgar Linton
  • The misunderstood character of Edgar Linton
  • The complex character of Edgar Linton
  • The tragic flaw of Edgar Linton
  • The redemption of Edgar Linton
  • The downfall of Edgar Linton
  • The ultimate tragedy of Edgar Linton