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How does Dickens teach both Scrooge and the reader a moral lesson in “A Christmas Carol”?
...I thought that moral was very accurate and would make someone think about their actions and behaviour. In my opinion however, I don't think the book is as magical and special as it was when it first came out. I believe it is out-dated and doesn't hel...
Commoners when asked what their favorite Christmas carol is they would give
...Commoners when asked what their favorite Christmas carol is, they would give you answers like Silent Night or Joy to the World and many other various Christmas songs. But for people who are so much into literature, their answer would be different. Th...
How Does Dickens Create Sympathy For Scrooge In A Christmas Carol?
...This quotation shows that they have no respect for this man and makes us pity him. In the final stave there is a lot of humour behind Scrooge. He has become a kind, giving, joyful man, "I am as light as a feather, as happy as an angel, as merry as a ...
Christmas Carol-‘Fear Is the Only Motivator for Scrooge. It Is When the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come Shows Him His Lonely Grave That He Decides to Change.’
...The ghost try’s to scare him by showing him and it doesn’t work probably because the way I defined that moment was Scrooge didn’t show any change about Belle. In my opinion you can regret the past and forget it but you’re going to regret it m...