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FAQ about Aristotle

Why Has the Focus of Environmental Politics Changed
...If we can start to implement policy while acknowledging our sacrifice of economic growth then we can sustainably buy ourselves time to innovate and find new energy sources so that one day the planet can recover, just as our economy can too. The EU ha...
How Brazilian Politics Has Changed Over the Past 9 Years
...In conclusion, politics in Brazil has shifted from a libertarian democratic system to an authoritarian system in the past decade, and it’s a shift that was emotionally driven, to end the state of calamity that Brazil has been going through since 20...
What is Aristotle’s Golden Mean?
...The golden mean is relative to us in our particular situation but it is objective relatively. People must normally be held responsible for what they do, that compulsion and ignorance may be excusing conditions, and that he is rather severe in his est...
How is Oedipus a Tragic Hero According to Aristotle?
...Jocasta is the only person that felt pity for him. She knew the answers that Oedipus needed, but did not want him to find out. Jocasta told many lies to Oedipus. Oedipus is certainly a tragic hero. His determination and faith to search and find the t...