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A Place Where the Sea Remembers
Original title A Place Where the Sea Remembers
Author Sandra Cisneros

History, Fiction, Novel

Language English
Characters Esperanza, Ramon, Tio Luis, Tio Felipe, Aunt Loca, Ultima, Mamacita, Abel, Florencio, Justo ...
Published 1993
ISBN 9780679412775
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Sandra Cisneros’s novel A Place Where the Sea Remembers” tells the story of Esperanza Ortega, a young girl growing up in a small Mexican fishing village in the 1940s. Esperanza is the daughter of a widowed fisherman, and she helps her father with his work while also attending school. Life is hard for the Ortegas, but they are content with their simple lifestyle.One day, everything changes when Esperanza’s father is killed in a freak accident at sea. Suddenly, Esperanza is the head of the household and she must find a way to support her family. She takes a job as a maid for a wealthy family in the city, but she is miserable and homesick.Esperanza eventually meets a kind man named Miguel who helps her see that she is worth more than she realizes. With Miguel’s help, Esperanza starts to see the world in a new light and she decides to make a new life for herself.”A Place Where the Sea Remembers” is a beautiful story about love, loss, and finding your way in the world.”

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A Place Where the Sea Remembers: Character Like Candelario Marroquin
...Rafael does not have a father figure and he lives with with his mother because she is sick. He meets Esperanza through his mother because she has is her nurse. Rafael is indirectly affected by rape because Esperanza was raped when she was 17. Rafael ...
A Place Where the Sea Remembers – Short Story
...Whether we like it or not, conflict is a part of everyday lives. It can happen to anyone, from your friends to your family. Often it is not the fact that conflict occurs, but how it is dealt with, how people react to it. After being touched by confli...