Lidership Style That Is Beneficial to Your Success

Leaders create structure in the company and provide information to managers properly to guide them. Leaders have the responsibility of completing research to guide the company’s path properly into profits and better run the company. Leaders have a vision, and they develop plans for that vision. According to Sullivan and Decker, a leader influences others to accomplish the vision. A leader develops the ability to do backward planning. Leaders are managers, but managers are not necessarily leaders. Effective leaders know and understand their organization and continue to ask how we can do things better (Sullivan & Decker, 2009).

Leadership styles set direction for their team. It is known how to identify one natural style of leading, knowing the needs and maturity of the team and knowing the ministry situation.

The topics addressed in this paper, will be: who the writer see as having a successful leadership style? Why is this person, considered a successful leader? What management and leadership theories does this person use? How does leadership style compare with the writer and a successful leader identified? What traits does the successful leader have that the writer may need to develop? What strengths does the writer have that the example leader can benefit? In addition, the writer will address the self-management assessment.

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Successful leadership style

Angelina Jolie is a 39-year-old actress, director/producer, wife, mother and humanitarian. She may be one of the biggest paychecks in Hollywood, California. She still finds time to be the voice of the people. She joined forces with the United Nations refugee agency in 2001 as a goodwill ambassador.

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Jolie has missions in countries such as Iraq, Syria, and Pakistan. Jolie vision is to end the plague of rape in war-torn regions. Ms. Jolie is able to influence governments and move public opinion at the same time; she chooses to use her global influence to highlight neglected human right (“Fortune Ranks the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders,” 2014)

Management and leadership theories

When comparing the leadership style of Angelina Jolie, both the writer and Ms. Jolie have organized leadership qualities. The writer can be autocratic, charismatic, bureaucratic, and democratic. Autocratic comes involved when depended on thoughts and reactions without someone else’s supervision, whereas, using personality and charm as a charismatic leader to get people to do the task without using force, and bureaucratic shows when needed to rely on the guidelines and rules in certain times such as safety prevention. However, democratic should be a part of everyone’s style, especially if he or she is working with other team members.

Traits to develop from a successful leadership

The traits learn from Angelina Jolie to become a successful leader is:
• Do not take things for granted
• Be a visionary leader and act on one’s dreams and move toward them
• Be courageous and bring ideas into public awareness
• Be fond of talking to a larger group of people
• Being fluid of speech and thought
• Be more of an optimistic
• Have high energy

Strengths the writer has from which Angelina Jolie could benefit from will be supportive leadership focus on the needs of the person displaying concern for the well-being and creates a friendly environment (Sullivan & Decker, 2009). The ability that the writer has is to listen, willingness to learn, thoroughness when performing tasks and commitment. Being loyal and thorough shows the leader is committed and can complete tasks without constant supervision.


Leadership style is the way and method of giving direction, motivating people and executing a plan. Individuals use a mixture style of his or her values, beliefs, and likings in addition to the structural culture and norms, which will inspire certain styles and disappoint others. This paper has addressed Angelina Jolie’s leadership style and why she is a leader. It compared her leadership styles to the writer along with identifying any traits that the writer has learned from her success. Strength and influence, in which may be beneficial to her success as a leader. Nevertheless, Angelina Jolie has visions, and her visions make things happen. She is one of the most influential women in the world. Based on the leadership and the team self-management assessment the reader got a score of 77.

Fortune Ranks the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders. (2014, March). Fortune Magazine. Retrieved from Sullivan, E.J., & Decker, P.J. (2005). Effective leadership and management in nursing (6th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

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