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Digital libraries

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Essay, Pages 4 (901 words)



Essay, Pages 4 (901 words)

Business Case and Related System Overview


As we know computer is the most fundamental thing that make human life fast. A computer can do the work of hundreds of people effectively and accurately alone. Nearly every field of our life such as business place, college and different organization are having an interest in making their systems a computerized system.

Library Management System is a computerized system of the manual job to conduct the transaction of a library with the basic and some innovative features for managing a library.

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It will consist of a list of various books available in the library. The system keeps track of all the transactions of the library through book enquiry, user enquiries, new user registrations, etc. The system will also monitor books that are readily available for use and books that have been issued to various users from the time period for which the books have been issued.

Online Library Management System

Nowadays libraries either use a system that has a manual functionality for tracking day to day activities happening in the library or a desktop independent system.

A library system is supposed to have a faster process transaction for borrowing books, returning books, searching book titles, determine penalties on overdue accounts and generate authoritative reports. In most cases what is seen today in many systems is a manually operated system where the proceeding of operation is hectic. The general users of the library especially students frequently encounter problems because books usually have limited quantity resulting in only few users to have access to the books.

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Through this, some students are not able to follow their lessons in time as in most cases the borrowed books will be unavailable for a period.

Considering that most of users stay far away from the library, only for them to travel a long distance to the library and not getting what they wanted eventually frustrates the users. Many libraries do not have a functioning web application system where users can check the availability of their preferred books online and make a reservation of those books online before going to the library, instead they have a system which is only accessible on the library’s helpdesk.

Since some transactions are still done manually, new transactions become time consuming. The process of deletion or modification with new transactions requires more interaction with the system which might cause delay in the process. Users and librarians usually encounter these difficulties under the existing system as the system does not cater for novice users. Some libraries often offer library training sessions where users are taught how to user their system on their own instead of creating a user-friendly system that will be self-explanatory for both expert and novice users which will save time for users.

In this suggested Online Library Management System, it will operate in internet and user(s) will be able to search for books online, look at book availability online and make reservation for those books. Library employees can collect returning books form users or issue books, while management can look at the reports from the location(s) of the user.

Project Objectives

Set up and manage library books in support to academic programs.

Simplify search of library resources for users.

Books will be presented in ordered and structured format.Users will take less time in entering data when searching for books as they will be divided into different categories and the system will provide an auto-fill for all the books that are in the database.

To minimize the work load for the library staff as the system’s database will be easily edited and automatically updated at entry time.

Users (specifically students) will be notified via email when new material arrives that related to their field of study.

The system will keep track of each book borrowed, its location, status and cost for losses and late returns.

Lessen the problem that users usually encounter during the manual process of borrowing/returning books. Users will be able to search and reserve the book online.

Present the complete database of the library to administration in order to avoid duplication of data, avoid manual filling system as that will make the organization of data easy and time consuming.

Data Accuracy: All the valuable data will be handled by the computer, minimizing the chance of posting wrong data in the database unless the end user does the mistake.

Problem Background

The long-established way of collecting data is through the manual system, however it is well-known to be time consuming, causes data to duplicate which makes the whole process to be hectic. Fred R McFadden and Jerry Hopper expressed that “In the manual system, data files are decentralized. Although the system works, it has a number of deficiencies or disadvantages. One of which duplicate data exist throughout the organizations, which result in lack of consistency and miscommunication.

“Information system success theory was proposed by Delone and McLean (1992) to explore how system quality and information quality influenced users’ information system use and satisfaction. In 2003, the authors revised the model by incorporating service quality and they argued how system, information and service quality affected usage and satisfaction (Delone & McLean, 2003).”

Of late, analysts have begun to apply the Information Success theory in relation of the


Fang, Xu & Jia Tina Du. (2018, February 3). Factors influencing users’ satisfaction and loyalty to digital libraries in Chinese universities. Retrieved from

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