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Leadership and Innovation

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Essay, Pages 3 (735 words)



Essay, Pages 3 (735 words)

Leadership is a backbone of any company. It is a process in which senior level executives influence the work force of the company by their behavior and moral code of conduct. Leadership is necessary to achieve company’s goal which is inclined towards their vision and mission statement. Sometime leadership is situational bound or sometimes it is involved in shaping and nurturing the group process.

Few week ago, Dabur appointed Mohit Malhotra as their CEO and replace Sunil Duggal who has been CEO for last 17 years.

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And this whole process of appointing CEO is taken by Board of Directors and recommendation form the different committee also taken into consideration. Malhotra has worked as a CEO- designate till March 31st, 2019, under the guidance of Sunil Duggal. Duggal will hold the position of CEO till FY 2018-2019 and remain as a Non-executive director till 2020.

Dabur believes that good corporate governance practice will going to increase their trust in customers and shareholders and will help them to continue their legacy of 113 years.

As Dabur is expanding their business internationally, they make sure that ethical practices will remain the foundation of their business.

All the policies of Dabur are publicly available on their web site with the contact details of Key managerial personnel (KMP’s). Dabur has a base of 7000 employees with the market presence in 120 countries. Dabur always believes is transparency, Dabur make a new policy on 2002 named as ‘Direct touch policy 2002’ which includes directors, employees and their other representative bodies to express their concern about any illegal instances or unethical business practices at the workplace.

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Company’s whistleblower policy includes misconduct with respect to discrimination or sexual harassment which protects any malpractices inside the company.

Dabur is good is providing a motivating and nurturing environment to its 7243 colleagues. Across all the departments Dabur is good in providing safety to its employees. Dabur follow Open-Door policy that allows employee to walk up to the HR any time for any query and all the efforts are made to resolve that query in time bound manner. In the age of millennials, several initiatives have taking to engage employees to maintain balance in their personal and professional life. So, as a first step Dabur has launched automated HR management system named PULSE (platform used for learning, sharing and engaging), this platform has created paperless work environment for Dabur globally. Also, to increasing the productivity of the employees, company introduces the online self-service to help them to upload their data online so that their respective managers will take the insights of their performance.

Another processes like Performance Management System, Reward and Recognition programme, Career Development Centre etc. have also been added to platform PULSE, to increasing the employee connect and creating valuable workforce. Besides nurturing existing talent company has also created a programs to train new hire employees also i.e Campus DREAMS (Dabur Reach-out for Engagement & Awareness in Marketing and Sales) which includes training of new management trainee Young Managers Development Program (YMDP) so that they get a taste of every department of the company. Dabur also use social media for better employee engagement. Dabur understand that to maintain the competition in the market they need more innovative ideas from their employees, so they take various initiatives for managing, developing and retaining superior talent by various benefit schemes.


Over the past 133 years, Dabur has built a reputation for Trust and Integrity by doing business the right way. People believe it as a reputed firm whom they can trust upon. Dabur Achieved this by the following activities

  • By following the Code of Ethics & Conduct,
  • Supporting Whistleblower& Protecting them
  • Preventing Insider Trading,
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment at workplace,
  • Following the code of corporate disclosure diligently
  • Disclosing of information under Listing Regulations

Communicating Responsibly

Redressal of grievance

Product satisfactory performance

Being a Social Citizen by involving in CSR.

Dabur is Believed to be the first preference while purchasing any ayurvedic item or medicine. Dabur gained this by constantly delivering satisfactory performance through its product and offerings. It had won Many rewards and gained many recognitions which again add to its reputation. Some of the esteemed awards are as follow

ICSI National Award for Excellence

  • Best Risk Management Practice in FMCG category
  • India’s Super 50 Companies that generate high returns for investors
  • Best Expectation Management of investor Relations.
  • Dabur has been recognized for its various initiatives towards

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