Lab Safety Report Essay

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Lab Safety Report

The lab safety video has provided valuable information to better prepare me to be safe in lab and go by the Seminole State College Lab protocol. I watched the lab video link-, and learned lab safety. The topics addressed were dressing appropriately, how to handle chemicals safely, Bunsen burner and glassware safety, and the emergency equipment available in the lab. I feel I have been informed of the proper procedures and rules to stay safe and protect my classmates, teacher and my personal safety in the laboratory setting.

Before entering a lab one should consider the rules that need to be applied. The attire considered necessary are proper googles, long pants, long sleeves (not too loose), jewelry removed, gloves (if required), and apron (if necessary). Also a student is responsible for their behavior and should store personal items, not fool around, and never bring food and drinks to the lab. Then a lab can be conducted in a safe manner with the additional awareness provided in the following topics.

The first topic addressed was how to handle chemicals safely. When using acids or bases in a lab proper eyewear, gloves, and aprons should be worn if necessary. The chemicals should be kept from the eyes and skin, and if happen to get in eyes use an eye wash or shower immediately. When mixing chemicals: read and reread labels, only mix chemicals when told to by teacher and use the proper sized (usually smaller) container. When using acid only add acid to water, not the reverse order. In the case of an accident, report the spill to teacher immediately. Upon lab clean up, throw materials in proper containers and do not pour acids down the sink.

The second topic addressed was Bunsen burner and glassware safety. The Bunsen burner is dangerous and therefore precaution needs to be taken. The setup should start with the proper connection of the gas hose, and when ignited stand clear. The burner should be turned off immediately if the flame goes out, sputters or flames happen, or there is a smell of gas. The Bunsen burner can be used with glass beakers for heating chemicals. However, the glassware should be checked for cracks, and once hot should be removed with tongs or gloves. When using fragile glass tubes, hands should be protected with leather gloves and lubrication should be used with rubber inserter and then washed off. If a thermometer is needed the appropriate temperature (alcohol or mercury- depending on temperature range) should be used and understood that no shaking is necessary. The Bunsen burner is among some of the equipment used frequently but can cause harm if used improperly.

The final topic addressed the emergency procedures and equipment needed if accidents were to arise in the laboratory. The lab room is equip with first aid kits, fire extinguishers, fire blankets, eye wash stations, emergency chemical showers, and proper deposal containers. However, hopefully one will not need to be used with careful precautions and common sense. For example, if a breaker is on fire simply cover it to contain the flame before a fire extinguisher or evacuation is needed. The emergency equipment is there to ensure safety in case of an accident or emergency and should be used appropriately. In conclusion, the laboratory is a dangerous place if the proper concern for safety is not taken seriously. Therefore the video has given the proper guidelines and protocols needs to operate a safe lab for all to enjoy.

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