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Technology In Action

Categories Philosophy, Technology

Essay, Pages 3 (611 words)



Essay, Pages 3 (611 words)

Personally, I believe the most beneficial topic in “Technology In Action” by Alan Evans, would be chapter 8 Managing a Digital Lifestyle: Media and Ethics. I think having the ability to use a single device to meet all of our media needs is extremely important. As the world gets more into technology, we should too. The tech companies are constantly expanding, making more devices in vehicles, fast food restaurants, and even refrigerators! “How we manage our media, control our living spaces, and communicate with others will continue to change,”(pg.

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288) which is why I think it’s important that we learn and figure out how to keep up to date as well. This chapter also tells about how important copyright is, and how to stay away from plagiarism. For my nursing career I would love to be able to learn and adapt to the upcoming technology, so this chapter seems like it would be the most intriguing.

While reading chapter one, I learned how important ethics is to have while pursuing my degree.

This helped me learn about intellectual property, privacy, and social justice. I need to be respectful of others work and cite it when speaking or writing about it, as well as be careful when posting on social media. You never know who will see it, share it, or worse.

Technology benefits us all in many ways, with almost every career. You can impact others with kind and meaningful messages, help with worldwide issues, connect with friends, keep patient records, work on group projects, etc! There’s so many ways to use and access the internet, which is why taking a class like this should be mandatory for all degrees.

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There is always something new to learn, especially when technology is constantly being updated. Having a good sense of computer knowledge impacts a full range of careers from arts and music, to science and medical advances.

I hope to learn more and new ways I can interact with my devices. I want to know more about files, folders, and libraries, since I see that chapter five should cover all of my file management questions. I also have many friends who argue that PC is much better than a Mac but I’ve always wondered how? When skimming through the book, I noticed that chapter 5: page 186, shows how the interfaces between the two differ, and how to access both of their contents efficiently.

When it comes to accessing social media, I have always wondered how it’s okay to manipulate images or photoshop on the internet. Chapter 8, which I mentioned above as my most beneficial topic, is extremely helpful in the ways explaining how it actually can be acceptable. For example, it is wrong to change an image for the pure intent of deceiving someone, or altering perceptions of reality. For example, videos and images are something that is crucial as evidence in courtrooms. Today, the techniques for altering images and videos are advancing, and may become near impossible to tell if something has been altered. Apparently, courtrooms are trying to look into how much alterations should be acceptable, and which aren’t. I found this very interesting, and important to know the laws surrounding editing or altering photos.

This book also is beneficial in telling the ways computers can protect my own privacy in everyday life. In chapter 9: Securing Your System, it tells me all about how I can protect myself against hackers, how to create better passwords, and even the small extra tools I can take for protecting my personal privacy. I look forward to seeing all the different and new information this book and class will teach me!

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