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John Foulcher for the Fire Q&a

Categories: Fire

For the fire Q&A The first lines in the poem introduce us to the sounds in the bush. what are these sounds and whom does he think is making the noise? Why is his mistake understandable? What effect is achieved through these sound images? * The opening starts with the word “Outside” presenting the natural world that appears on the surface to be so beautiful and gentle. “a chopping sound” disrupts the natural image, “its singular human thud” represents a human is harming the environment.

The effect is that humans are damaging the environment and its not uncommon (the author is not surprised” Explain the effect of the simile “like clockwork” what effect is created by the repetition of the‘t’ and‘d’ sounds in the sound drops/chipped from a tall dead tree? * It reminds us that this is a place controlled by nature. It is repetitive and continuous the image of the kookaburra and the lizard is vivid.

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Comment on lines 6-10 discussing the images created, choice of words and what they may suggest, the expressive verbs and the overall meaning of these lines. * The authors powerful language and imagery that we witness the savagery and brutality and feel sympathetic. what does the word oblivious tell us about the birds behaviour? * The bird doesn’t have sympathy for the lizard because it is a part of natures cycle and it was uninvietable.

The birds behaviour is instinctive and even though it may seem brutal and savage to us, it is acting only out of instinct and survival.

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How does the poet indicate his acceptance of the birds apparent brutality. * The poet doesn’t help the lizard, instead he accepts natures cycle and picks up his kindling and leaves. What interpretation can you suggest to explain the meaning of the cold air congealing behind me * Visual image of the air is like a door closing on a world where the poet was an intruder.

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