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A Comparison of John Donne’s Writing Style in “The Good Morrow” and “The Sun Rising”
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Pages • 9
John Donne is an exceptional writer that combines unique writing techniques to create works that are unlike any other works ever written. In this paper there will be a comparison drawn between “The Good Morrow” and “The Sun Rising” to Donne's typical writing style. This paper will be covering several key characteristics of Donne including personification of the sun and daylight in general, and will also look at his trend of opening a poem with the narrator and another person…...
John Donne
“The Indifferent” by John Donne
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Pages • 5
"The Indifferent" by John Donne is a relatively simple love poem in comparison to his other, more complicated works. In this poem, "he presents a lover who regards constancy as a 'vice' and promiscuity as the path of virtue and good sense" (Hunt 3). Because of Donne's Christian background, this poem was obviously meant to be a comical look at values that were opposite the ones held by Christians. According to Clay Hunt, "['The Indifferent'] is probably quite an early…...
John DonneLoveVirtue
The seventeenth century was an era of beautiful poetry
Words • 1861
Pages • 8
The seventeenth century was an era of beautiful poetry by important poets such as John Donne, Marvell, George Herbert, Sir John Supling etc... Just like on the other periods Love was one main theme on their poems. But on 17th century there were also religious themes that it was a bit more important than the other periods. I'll now have a look at the life's of important writers of the period so briefly to have an idea about how their…...
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Love in Donne’s Songs and Sonnets
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Pages • 11
The presence of love is thematically interwoven into all of John Donne's Songs and Sonnets. Confronting the ideas of both the eroticism of physical love and the purity and intellectualism of spiritual love, Donne creates a world in which the reader is able to glimpse into the psyche of the poet. It is significant to understand that Donne does not attempt to describe a single and unchanging view of love. Rather, his poetry expresses a variety of emotions and attitudes.…...
John DonneLovePhilosophySoul
John Donne’s “The Sunne Rising” and “The Flea” and “To His Coy Mistress” by Andrew Marvell
Words • 1522
Pages • 7
Metaphysical poetry necessitates the understanding of mankind but concentrates on topics such as romantic love, sexual love, faith, loyalty and religion. The poems are very short and have a formal tone, metaphysical poems are characterised by arguments and theories yet to be proved. It was written between 1572 and 1695, these were chaotic time as there were lost of changes taking place. For instance in 1577 there was the defeat of the Spanish Armada. The "Gunpowder Plot", dissolution of parliament,…...
Andrew MarvellJohn DonnePoetryTo His Coy Mistress
Elegy 19 by John Donne: To His Mistress Going to Bed
Words • 1242
Pages • 5
"Elegy 19" reflects greatly on "The Sun Rising". They share similar imagery and are closely related in both their language, structure and progression. The way in which Donne structures the poem is alsocunning as the techniques he adopts are directly related to "The Sun Rising". It is a common occurrence for Donne to use cosmological imagery within his poetry to portray his emotions and using extremes to compare his mistress too. In addition, he continues to do so in "Elegy 19" and…...
John DonneLove
Analysis of a Poem Message by John Donne
Words • 1261
Pages • 6
Form The poem is set out in stanzas, not paragraphs. The three stanzas are of equal length, although the line length differs within the stanzas. The author charts out in three stages his mortal acceptance of the rejection in love. Each stanza representing a time, depict to the suffering. Lines 1, L2, are of equal length in each stanza and consist of eight syllables, inform ably an iambic tetrameter. In the following two stanzas these lines do not differ unlike…...
John DonnePoemsPoetry
Compare and contrast John Donne’s ‘The Flea’ and Andrew Marvell’s ‘To His Coy Mistress’; Deciding which you feel is the most seductive
Words • 2310
Pages • 10
Andrew Marvell and John Donne were two prominent members of the metaphysical movement and they wrote the poems "To His Coy Mistress" and "The Flea" respectively. The two poems are based on the idea of seduction and both express their different views making the poems contrasting to one another. John Donne's and Andrew Marvell's poems both use their metaphysical views to mock the concept of courtly love. Marvell's "To His Coy Mistress" describes the poet's impatient desire for furthering his…...
Andrew MarvellJohn DonnePoetryTo His Coy Mistress
Compare and contrast Andrew Marvell’s “To His Coy Mistress” with John Donne’s “The Sunne Rising”
Words • 1909
Pages • 8
Both poems "To His Coy Mistress" and "The Sunne Rising" were written by metaphysical poets, this is one of many similarities in the poem. However, there are also a number of differences between them. In both poems, there is an obvious link to the theme of "Carpe Diem" which simply means "seize the day". The poems relate to time and that of how it's running out. They seem to be in a rush. The content of the poem is Marvell…...
Andrew MarvellCarpe DiemJohn DonneLoveTo His Coy Mistress
Commentary on Donne’s “The Sun Rising”
Words • 729
Pages • 3
John Donne was possibly the greatest metaphysical poet of the seventeenth century, and his greatness has endured. His blending of the intellectual with the emotional, and the spiritual with the physical has made him one of the most admired poets in the twentieth century. His work may be roughly divided into three groups1. The first group contains profane, often cynical love poetry in which women are treated as objects. The second is also composed of love poems, but these focus…...
John DonneLoveSpiritualitySun
The Broken Heart, by John Donne
Words • 631
Pages • 3
The Broken Heart, by John Donne, is a poem that illustrates imagery of how love destroys the heart. In the first stanza, it states “He is stark mad, whoever says, (1) that he hath been in love an hour. ” (2) The author is giving an exploration that a man is out his mind or insane if he feels that love last only an hour. For instance, “decays” (3) and “devour” (4), love does not decay, or pass away gradually,…...
John DonneLove
A Valediction Forbidding Mourning English Literature Essay
Words • 845
Pages • 4
John Donnes poem A Valediction: Forbiding Mourning utilizations many metaphors and allusions to demo the love between the writer and his important other. Although the storyteller is go forthing, he believes their love is strong plenty to defy the separation. He so begins to compare their love to assorted symbolic things. In John Donne 's `` A Valediction: Forbiding Mourning '' , his many metaphors and allusions show the power of love and how strong it really is.In the beginning…...
EnglishJohn DonneLiteratureLove
Forbidding Mourning’ by John Donne
Words • 754
Pages • 4
The principal theme of the poem is that lovers remain united even when they are physically separated. Donne proves his idea by argument, conceits, passion, and thought. It is believed that Donne left for France in 1611. He gave this poem to his wife at the time of his departure. The poet advises his wife not to mourn the temporary separation, because their love remains intact despite their parting. Parting brings their souls even closer. The biographical details of the…...
John DonneLovePhilosophy
An Analysis of “The Flea” by John Donne
Words • 916
Pages • 4
The flea, written by John Donne is another poem containing love, sex and religious beliefs. One of John Donne's characteristics is to always consist of these 3 primary subjects in his poems. The Flea represents lust, but a desire with respect for women. The topic of this poem has to do with a couple of lovers lying in bed. He wishes to take her virginity far from her. In essence, the meaning of this quote: "And in this flea our…...
John DonneLovePoetry
How has John Donne treated the theme of love in his poem ‘Lover’s Infiniteness’?
Words • 1091
Pages • 5
Through his poem, John Donne, expresses his yearning to possess ‘all’ of his lady-love’s affection. He narrates about the pain and feelings he faces whilst trying to woo her. ‘Lover’s Infiniteness’ is part of Donne’s complex collection of literary work known as ‘Songs and Sonnets’; this particular piece was published in 1601. The poem deals with a question of how ‘vast’ or unconditional someone’s love can be, thus the word ‘Infiniteness’ in the title which expresses the enormity of Donne’s…...
John DonneLovePoemsPoetry
‘To His Coy Mistress’ by Andrew Marvell with ‘To His Mistress Going to Bed’ by John Donne
Words • 1512
Pages • 7
These poems are both themed on love, sex, romance and seduction. However, the attitudes towards their relationships and lovers are completely unlike. Andrew Marvell uses all forms of persuasion both negative and positive to get her into bed with him. On the other hand John Donne doesn't seem to have to persuade his lover to sleep with him at all; it seems that she is already willing. He tells her "Two hundred to adore each breast: But thirty thousand to…...
Andrew MarvellJohn DonneLovePoetry
My Plays Last Scene
Words • 923
Pages • 4
Death is a key theme in a number of John Donne’s poems, including ‘Death Be Not Proud’ and ‘This Is My Play’s Last Scene’. I have decided to compare these two poems with Emily Dickenson’s ‘Because I Could Not Stop For Death’. From the two Donne poems he releases a mixture of feelings including terror and fear however Donne introduces quite a quantity of Christian images to present death. This could have a lot to do with the multiple times…...
John DonnePlaysReligion
The country pleasures which John Donne mentioned
Words • 1419
Pages • 6
In Donne's poetry, individual desire operates on two levels: on one level, it is the desire which is born out of the lower self and seeks gratification in the pleasures of the senses. On another level desire is spiritual and it seeks to transcend the physical. The "country pleasures" which John Donne mentioned in "The Good Morrow" is an example of the physical pleasures which the poet seeks to satisfy in physical activities. However such kinds of pleasures are only…...
CountryJohn DonneReligion
‘Explore the nature of love in the extasie’: John Donne poetry analysis
Words • 1087
Pages • 5
In his poem, The Extasie, John Donne describes his own attainment of a state of ecstasy (literally meaning, to stand outside of oneself), through his physical and spiritual proximity to his lover. In his earliest work (for example Elegie: To his Mistris Going to Bed, and The Flea) - which could be loosely termed his 'lust poetry' - Donne's focus tends to be on (or at least around) the sexual act and the beauty of the human (and more particularly…...
ExploreJohn DonneLoveNature In English PoetryPoetrySoul
What is a Metaphysical Poem?
Words • 950
Pages • 4
Metaphysical poetry There are many definitions of Metaphysical poetry. "Metaphysical" when applied to poetry usually involves Love, Science, Geology, Romance, Sensuality and man's relationship with God. Metaphysical poems are lyrical poems usually containing intense meditations, characterized by striking use of wit, irony, and play on words. Underneath the formal structure is the underlying structure of the poet's argument. Metaphysical poetry usually contains conceits, which is an image which you extend, which you develop; an extended metaphor. The Metaphysical poetry follows…...
John DonnePoemsPoetry
Metaphysical Poetry and John Donne
Words • 2685
Pages • 11
Define metaphysical poetry, its characteristics and John Donne as a metaphysical poet. The concept metaphysical deals with the philosophical view of the nature of things. Metaphysical poetry is often mentioned as poetry inspired by a philosophical concept of the universe and the role assigned to the human spirit in the great drama of existence. Metaphysical poetry is involved with the whole experience of man, but the intelligence, learning and seriousness of the poets. Metaphysical poetry has an amazing power to…...
John DonnePhilosophyPoetry
Lack of Metaphysics in Poetry of Metaphysical Poets
Words • 1572
Pages • 7
The term metaphysical poets was coined by the poet and critic Samuel Johnson to describe a loose group of British lyric poets of the 17th century, whose work was characterized by the inventive use of conceits, and by speculation about topics such as love or religion. These poets were not formally affiliated; most of them did not even know or read each other (Wikipedia). Their work is a blend of emotion and intellectual ingenuity, characterized by conceit or “wit”—that is,…...
John DonneMetaphysicsPoetryPoets
John Donne
Words • 939
Pages • 4
A text is essentially a product of its context, as its prevailing values are inherently derived by the author from society. However, the emergence of post-modern theories allows for audience interpretation, thus it must be recognised that meaning in texts can be shaped and reshaped. Significantly, this may occur as connections between texts are explored. These notions are reflected in the compostion of Edson’s W;t and Donne’s poetry as their relationship is established through intertextual references, corresponding values and ideas…...
John Donne
Jonson and Donne’s Influence on the Cavalier Poets: A Critical Analysis
Words • 812
Pages • 4
Paper Type:Critical essays
Poetry is never divorced from the contexts within which the poet himself is necessarily part of. This is to say that poetry is a product of the poets’ political, economic, historical, cultural and intellectual contexts. Such being the case, one may say that it is through the aforementioned contexts that poetry captures the spirit of the times. The first half of the 17th Century witnessed both the flourishing of the English poetic tradition and science. Such flourishing however, did not…...
InfluenceJohn DonnePoetryPoets
British lyric poets of the 17th century
Words • 524
Pages • 3
The metaphysical poets is a term coined by the poet and critic John Dryden to describe a loose group of British lyric poets of the 17th century, whose work was characterized by the inventive use of conceits, and by speculation about topics such as love or religion. These poets were not formally affiliated; most of them did not even know or read each other. Their style was characterized by wit and metaphysical conceits—far-fetched or unusual similes or metaphors, such as…...
BritishJohn DonnePoets
Compare and Contrast Poems by John Donne and Michael Drayton
Words • 783
Pages • 4
The poem, To his coy mistress is very much Carpe Diem but the poet Andrew Marvell who wrote it was influenced by both Metaphysical and Classical types of poetry, the way in the beginning of the poem he seems to talk about things in a very slow way, walking, time slowing down to try to woe the women in a much quicker, the poem also shows a lot of Petrachan influences as when Andrew Marvell says 'Thine eyes, and on…...
Andrew MarvellCarpe DiemCompare And ContrastJohn DonnePoemsPoetry
John Donne’s poetry
Words • 946
Pages • 4
The imagery in John Donne’s poetry emphasizes the pleasure humans derive from sensual experiences. He uses intricately related comparisons to illustrate how the most basic acts are infinitely meaningful and vice versa. In fact, his use of metaphysical conceits, in Elegy 19: To His Mistress Going to Bed and several of his Holy Sonnets either elevates the sexual act to the level of a religious experience or diminishes the latter to the level of the former. Firstly, to understand the…...
John DonnePoetry
Figure of Speech in A Valediction
Words • 1632
Pages • 7
John Donne's "A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning" is an amazing love poem with beautiful figurative language, a farewell to Donne's wife before their long partition. The writer assures his loved the parting will do no harm and praises on their endless love. With his competent writing style using extended metaphors, comparisons along with connotation and denotation throughout the poem, Donne expresses his belief in the strength of their angelic love to get through the physical separation. In 1611, John Donne had…...
John DonneLiteratureLovePoetry
Analysis of Meditation IV by John Donne
Words • 1328
Pages • 6
The opening statement of John Donnes Meditation IV sets a disposition for the whole article. ..Except God, Man is a diminutive to nothing (Donne 23) is saying man is bigger than the world; excluding the fact that God conquers and controls all. Man is in control of his own life, but God controls his fate. It is also stating that the world is nothing in comparison to man and is not as complex. Donnes numerous comparisons between human anatomy and…...
Essays On MeditationGodHumanJohn DonnePhilosophy
John Donne’s Love Poems
Words • 848
Pages • 4
John Donne is one of many poets of his time who wrote love poetry. The thing that sets him apart from the others is that he manages to successfully subvert the traditional conventions to his own ends. Each of the secular poems "The Flea", "The Sunne Rising" and "A Valediction Forbidding Mourning" shows Donne's verbal dexterity, manipulation of the conventional form and the use of a variety of textual features. For the secular love poem "The Flea" the conventional form…...
John DonnePoemsPoetry
Compare and contrast Donne’s “A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning”
Words • 674
Pages • 3
Donne's "A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning" and Marvell's "To His Coy Mistress" are identical and contradictory in many respects. Although "A Valediction" concentrates on the comfort of love on parting and "To His Coy Mistress" contemplates about sexual love and the briefness of life, both exemplify characteristics of metaphysical poetry. Metaphysical poetry is about the profound areas of experience, especially about love, romantic and sensual, and, to a lesser extent, about pleasure, learning, and art. Metaphysical poems are brief but intense…...
Carpe DiemCompare And ContrastJohn DonnePoetryTo His Coy Mistress
The Funeral Poetry of John Donne’s
Words • 844
Pages • 4
"As with most poets of his time, Donne was obsessed with death. Mesmerized by its mysteries, charmed by its allure, and convinced of the existence of an afterlife (as a result of Christian theology), he finds himself at times unable to settle on a particular view of the subject. While a considerable portion of Donne's opus deals with death either directly or indirectly, some poems depict death as insignificant while others present it as something he, and therefore humans, should…...
John DonnePhilosophyPoetry
The Anaylitical Approach to John Donne’s Poetry
Words • 1432
Pages • 6
John Donne was to most, considered a metaphysical poet, or a poet who finds their inspiration on expressing the world not as it would be universally revealed but in the world as science and philosophy account it. The poem "The Apparition" lacks many of the general characteristics that distinguish metaphysical poetry but continues to be classified as a metaphysical representation (Norton, 1). "The Apparition" contains at least three transformations of feeling. The manifestation success of this relationship gives the speaker…...
GhostJohn DonnePoetry
Analysis of John Donne’s Poem “The Canonization”
Words • 730
Pages • 3
The poem "The Canonization" written by John Donne is about love. Throughout this poem Donne reveals both concepts of physical love and spiritual love. The words that Donne has chosen in this poem are an example of a poetic technique that not only allows the reader to understand the speaker, but also be able to see images based on his word choice about the different aspects of love. In the first stanza the opening line is "For God's sake, hold…...
Falling in LoveJohn DonneLovePoemsPoetry
“The Sun Rising” by John Donne
Words • 376
Pages • 2
In "The Sun Rising," by John Donne, there are many metaphysical characteristics. These characteristics are made up primarily of paradoxes and conceits. The theme also contributes to these metaphysical characteristics. The paradoxes are spread out thought the entire poem. The first is "Why dost thou thus, / Through windows and through curtains, call on us" (line 2-3). This is because the sun doesn't call on anyone; this is also personification because the sun is given speech, a characteristic of humans.…...
John DonneSun
“Meditation 17” by John Donne
Words • 588
Pages • 3
In "Meditation 17" by John Donne, Donne uses many different methods of trying to get his message out. By using metaphors, images, and paradoxes Donne gets his message out but in a perplexing way. In order to understand what Donne is saying, this passage must read over and analyzed sentence by sentence to really see the true meaning of the excerpt. Donne uses a book as a metaphor, with man as a chapter for every part of the book and…...
Essays On MeditationGodJohn DonneMeditation
John Donne’s poems: Holy Sonnet 10 and Meditation 17
Words • 466
Pages • 2
Donne's view of death is not one of a cynic. He is a man who regards death not as the final battle of life, but rather in the Christian sense, of it being just a transfer of the soul from the earthly plain to its final destination. He considers death not to be an event to be held in fear, but one that is to be understood. He believes so strongly in this philosophy that in Sonnet 10, he instructs…...
CultureDeathEssays On MeditationJohn DonnePoems
A Valediction: Forbidden Mourning By John Donnes
Words • 794
Pages • 4
In the poem "A Valediction: Prohibiting Grieving", by John Donne, the speaker is consoling his enthusiast who is mournful of the speaker's impending departure. The speaker is stating that considering that they have stronger than normal love for one another, their love will sustain the separation. Donne utilizes metaphysical conceits and comparative images to highlight the essence of the poem. The speaker is reassuring his fan by reminding her of how fantastic their love is; it goes beyond the physical…...
John DonneLovePhilosophy
Critical Summary of the Sunrising by John Donne
Words • 597
Pages • 3
Paper Type:Critical essays
The Sun Rising," by John Donne, is a lyric poem about two lovers. The poem is divided into three stanzas, each ten lines long. The rhyme scheme in each stanza is ABBACDCDEE. This is a dramatic poem where the speaker and his lover are in bed together. The speaker personifies the sun, and is speaking to it throughout the poem. As the sunlight comes through the windows, the speaker tells the sun to leave them alone. He seems to feel…...
John DonneLiterature
The Canonization by John Donne
Words • 837
Pages • 4
The Canonization by John Donne Love is true and pure, a magnificent experience, a way to live more and to surpass even death. It is a sublime dream that is real and better than the material world. Love is life's paradox. This is the idea that John Donne is revealing in the poem The Canonization. It is a reply as well as a statement that the poet makes to the world- a world that treats lovers roughly. He refuses the…...
John DonneLiteraturePhilosophy
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Compare and contrast John Donne’s ‘The Flea’ and Andrew Marvell’s ‘To His Coy Mistress’; Deciding which you feel is the most seductive
...My preference of two poems, and the one I feel to be the most seductive is Andrew Marvell's "To His Coy Mistress." I believe the content of the poem is excellent as the progression of Marvell's frustration is clearly evident in each of the three stan...
How has John Donne treated the theme of love in his poem ‘Lover’s Infiniteness’?
...Through 3 paragraphs, Donne successfully conveys the pain, efforts and time he had spent to gain his lady-love’s heart. He portrays different the consequences faced while craving for one’s love and attention. Subtly expressing his possessiveness ...
The country pleasures which John Donne mentioned
...2 Quoted online from:3Quoted online from: http://www. shmoop. com/round-earths-imagined-corners-holy-sonnet-7/repentance-pardon-symbol. html 4Quoted online from: http://www. shmoop. com/batter-my-heart-holy-sonnet-14/unhappy-engagement-affair-with-...
What is a Metaphysical Poem?
...The final line is about honour, which has very little to do with the rest of the poem it is false logic, yet emphatic. This is common structure for a Metaphysical poem, finishing with a complete change of direction in the argument. So to summarize, M...

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