Job Satisfaction And Work Performance vs Seniority

According to the newest data released in the New york city Times a 70 percent of the American workers believe that promotions need to be based on efficiency instead of promotions by seniority. The first thing that needs to be stated is that it is a personal choice. In my opinion, promotions have to be based upon efficiency, due to the fact that employees have good rewards, the best employees deserve the better positions quickly and the enterprises can have great staff members.

My very first argument suggests that modern enterprise requires to produce more products without spend cash and time. The business need to employ the best staff members who need excellent rewards to work in them. The promos by excellent efficiency rather than by seniority are extremely intriguing for a young professional, because if he works well, he can get a better position in the company. For instance, some business have programs to hire young skill specialists.

Second to take into account is that if the better employees had the opportunity to sit in a high position in the company early, they would have a better performance rather than another senior employee.

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To illustrate this point one need only refer to the several polls that some economics’ magazines have taken in successful companies and these polls show there are more young and capable workers than ever in the past, because there are a program of promotions by performance.

Third, equally relevant to the issue are the companies with promotions base on good work have a better laborer climate.

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Enterprises give good incentives to hire capable workers and they give their better work. They can be happy in the company. Thus, I prefer to promotions have to be based in a good performance rather than promotions by seniority, in the due to the fact, worker have a good incentives, the best employees deserve the better positions quickly and the enterprises can have good employees.

Updated: Aug 11, 2021
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