Jeff Koons and Unknown Artist

Michael Jackson and Bubbles by Jeff Koons and Painted Sarcophagus Hanunia Tlesnasa by an unknown artist both have subjects that are reclining in similar positions. Michael Jackson and his chimpanzee, Bubbles are dressed in suits that are similar to the Sergeant Pepper uniforms of the Beatles. Jackson is in a combination of sitting/reclining position leaning back on his arm with his hand on the floor for support. His back leg is raised with his foot on the floor while his other leg is bent and but completely resting on the floor.

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Bubbles is resting in his lap while leaning into his owner. Jackson is has one arm gently placed around the chimp.

They are sitting on the blossoms of many flowers and several of the flowers are placed randomly on the two subjects. Painted Sarcophagus Hanunia Tlesnasa is of a large woman with what would be considered today as masculine features. She has her back leg raised with her front leg bent and completely resting on the floor. Her elbow is holding her in a sitting position while propped on a pillow and the hand of that arm is holding an open mirror. The other hand is holding back the long white covering her head. Her dark hair is pulled back and up. Her dress is loose and flowing yet cinched at the waist with a golden cord.

She is resting on a Sarcophagus that is decorated with blooms of a large flowers and columns. Painted Sarcophagus Hanunia Tlesnasa has a medium of terracotta and she is painted with the dye like paint that was used during that time period.

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The terracotta was chosen by the unknown sculpture because that is what type of material a sarcophagus would be made. It was a perfect medium to hold a body and to decorate as well. Michael Jackson and Bubbles is made of ceramic porcelain. While this medium is fragile, it was probably chosen for its easy molding and the sheen after it has been in the kiln.

Paint is also very durable when it is baked on the porcelain. Painted Sarcophagus Hanunia Tlesnasa is from the Etruscan Artistic Period. This period is even before the ancient Roman time in northern Italy. This civilization just disappeared so their origins are still a mystery. They did leave behind many pieces of art and the ruins of their architecture. Many of their works of art that survived were their burial and crematory containers and Painted Sarcophagus Hanunia Tlesnasa is a perfect example of the time in which it was sculpted.

Both the Painted Sarcophagus Hanunia Tlesnasa and Michael Jackson and Bubbles have the formal element of color. Michael Jackson and Bubbles has a predominant gold and white color that dominate the sculpture. The eyes of both subjects are black and their lips are shocking red, but these colors seem to fade into oblivion when contrasted with the gold. Painted Sarcophagus Hanunia Tlesnasa is white also predominantly white and gold except that there is more white whereas in the other sculpture has more gold. The fact that the subject’s hair is brown stands out since it everything else surrounding it is white.

The pillow where she rests her arm is reddish brown, yet unlike the hair, it is hard to discern. The flowers on the sarcophagus are also of a reddish brown and the columns are a dark gold. I chose Michael Jackson and Bubbles by Jeff Koons sculpted in nineteen eighty-eight and Painted Sarcophagus Hanunia Tlesnasa sculpted in one hundred and forty B. C. by the unknown artist more because I did not like them instead of admiration. I particularly did not like Michael Jackson and Bubbles because of the subject.

I always thought that Michael Jackson was an overrated musician, then I felt that he was more famous for his weirdness than his talent. I know that he was not convicted of child molestation, but through his interviews, I felt that he was inappropriate behavior, so it is hard to get past the subject of this sculpture. However, I did try really hard to look at the value of Koons’ work. I felt that the there was too much gold for a realistic affect. I came to the conclusion that the gold was symbolic of how money could allow a man who obviously needs help to thrive in a society that accepts anything from people with money.

I did not feel that I would like the subject of Painted Sarcophagus Hanunia Tlesnasa if I had known her. Her countenance and position seem to portray an air of arrogance. They both displease me because of the unlikable feel of the subjects and Michael Jackson and Bubbles leave me with a feeling of disgust because of Jackson. Bubbles has nothing to do with the reason that I feel negatively about the sculpture.

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