The Image of a Positive Outlook in the Book by Jeff Keller

The motivational speaker, Jeff Keller who is the author of this book graduated from law school in 1980. Jeff practiced law for ten plus years before pursuing a new full-time career as a speaker in the area of motivation. As time passed by Jeff began to feel unhappy with his career as a lawyer then decided to shift to a motivational speaker. Including delivering his warming presentations to many businesses, organizations, and educational institutions.

The structure of this self-help book was written based on research and the author’s personal experience.

He stated many differences between people who were able to accomplish their goals while maintaining a positive attitude. The title of the “Attitude is Everything” holds its uniqueness and enhances its audience to want to change their attitude. Leading into an increase in their confidence that they know they can change their life around.

Softly introducing why he was the right person to write the book. The first chapter provides a visual in each reader on why Jeff chose to write this particular book for his problems.

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Jeff mentions relatable problems that are faced by people today. This novel is precisely divided into three parts:( part 1), Success Begins in the Mind, (part 2) Watch Your Words, (part 3) Heaven Helps Those Who act. All three parts are broken down into messages Think, Speak, and Act in ways to support people to believe he or she can achieve anything desired.

Lesson one of the book “success begins in the mind” focuses more on the power of attitude.

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It is split into five small lessons. Diving straight into the first lesson pointing out that his or her “attitude is the window to the world” which he defines attitude as a mental filter through experiencing the world. There are people who see the world as a half-full glass, while others see life through a filter of a completely empty glass. He compares one’s attitude with a clean window

as referring to a clean slate. Down the road into life, it starts to throw dirt on that window of life. If he or she has a positive attitude, they are more likely to think “It can be done” while a negative attitude person thinks “It cannot be done. Part one is an interesting description written to break down what the windows are made of in society. Meaning our windows are painted with criticism, blackened by rejection, frozen by disappointment, and lowered by doubt. His inspiring advice is to wash each reader window and help others control their personal attitude.

The second lesson is entirely about the author communicating how humans are magnets who have the power to attach to success with their thoughts. The comparison of humans used as a magnet is a magnificent and thoughtful idea. As he stated in the text “We Become What We Think About” a quote by Earl Nightingale, Jeff uses this quote to explain the key to success is commitment and patience.

The second message of the book “Watch Your Words”, part two includes six powerful lessons. Jeff says words can build a future, destroy an opportunity, or help a social status. He says a person’s beliefs are shaped by words, and their beliefs create the reality of society. Which is why “words are the most powerful drug used by human beings”. In the eighth lesson, he tries to get his readers to understand the importance of complaining. Stop Complaining! Complaining is a growing problem amongst all people. He says hearing about people’s pain and headaches digs holes in one’s happiness.

Jeff Keller’s book covers all the pinpoints in which are linked to building an attitude. By giving tips and techniques to the readers increase a positive attitude and restore a wrong attitude. Basing the content of his personal experiences adds so much pragmatic to the book. Its audience are able to connect more because the book is not written from theoretical thinking.

I am currently working on my journey to a successful career after college. I want to surround my life around support and positivity at all times. After reading this book of 125 pages, I am very confident that no matter how long it takes to become successful, I will never give up or stop trying.

One of my takeaways from this book is, as a whole there are many opportunities offered to us that will inline into what we want. It just depends on what type of words we use and what we ask for. People have to build their own confidence to decrease mental boundaries that hinder us from accomplishing our goals and dreams. A positive attitude helps us get through our daily problems more easily. It brightens our lives and makes it easier to not worry about negative things. Having a positive attitude creates constructive changes in life. People become happier, motivated, and more successful.

I personally found that I sometimes think in a non-positive manner about certain situations. In cases such as preparing for a test…… am I doing the right things in college that will prepare me for success, or just simply maintaining a positive attitude at all times. One of my past situations of feeling betrayed by a close friend has thrown dirt on my window and has left me in the percentile of having a negative attitude. During the process of reading the book it came to the conclusion that changing my attitude is very important and that I should learn more about what influences my attitude. By saying that I have been influenced by different values and beliefs that my community, parents, and teachers PK through college have taught me. Also, factors I have come across through the experience of my own. However, after reading this book it helped me clean my own window of dirt and uplifted my confidence even more.

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