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Janitor Fish

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (582 words)
Categories: Fish
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Background of the Study Janitor fish used to be aquarium pets. They would parade around the fish tank and clean the moss and other dirt that would scatter around the tank. Then, someone said, “If janitor fish are so effective in cleaning fish tanks, then why don’t we put them in the Marikina River so they can clean up all of the dirt? ” Unfortunately, his hypothesis didn’t work, and now, janitor fish are the most abundant fish in the Marikina River.

In this case, being an abundant species isn’t so great. The Marikina City government considers these janitor fish as pests.

First of all, they build their nests in the sides of the riverbanks, causing the soil to erode. Second, they eat most of the food of other edible fish in the Marikina River. This affects the fishermen that live on catching and selling the edible fish. A recent study states that only one out of ten fish that fishermen catch in the Marikina River are edible; the rest are janitor fish.

Plus, janitor fish, with all of the dirt they ingest, are inedible. In fact, the Marikina City government, in desperate hopes of ridding their river of janitor fish, has vowed to pay twenty centavos each for each janitor fish caught.

In 2005, a challenge was given to students of Marikina Science High School to find ways to make janitor fish useful. In fact, many were successful. A group was able to make leather out of the thick fish’s skin. This is beneficial for the city, since it is well-known to make shoes. Another student, Raymond Joseph Amurao, got local and international awards for his janitor fish biofuel. So, in this experiment, we want to add to the achievements of the MSHS students. In addition to the successful leather and biofuel, we want to test how effective janitor fish are as fertilizers.

We will make another kind of fertilizer—one with no janitor fish remains—and test which is more effective. Statement of Problem and Objectives Using the background information above, our problem for this project is: How effective are janitor fish as fertilizers? Our general objectives are: • To find another good use for janitor fish. • To be able to successfully use this in the future. • To be a better group. Our specific objectives are: • To make successful fertilizer, preferably out of the janitor fish. If the janitor fish fertilizer fails, we want to at least have made the other fertilizer successful. • To develop resourcefulness, creativity and originality. • Even though this was accepted a bit later than other projects, we aim to submit everything on time. • To develop cooperation and teamwork within the group. Significance of the Study Many people pay high electricity bills. Energy saver is a smart way to reduce up to 30% of your electricity consumption. No more high electricity bills you need to pay. You can use power with less cost.

Scope and Limitations of the Study There are different kinds of janitor fish, but we will be using the ones found in the Marikina River (its scientific name is Pterygoplichthys pardalis). We will be testing the fertilizer on three plants with flowers (we used sayatolas) and this will be observed on for two to three weeks, considering how much time we have left. In our project, we will be limiting ourselves to using three janitor fish from the Marikina River, about half a gallon of water, three sayatolas, store-bought fertilizer and two spray bottles.

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