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It is very difficult to list the sorts of Physical Evidence. Kinds of proof rely on nature and area of wrongdoing scene, the way in which the wrongdoing has been submitted, the geography thus numerous different elements. Anyway, the accompanying sorts of physical proof might be found in different kinds of wrongdoings.

Botanical materials

Plants, blossoms, fibers(natural), wood, roots stems, leaves, organic products, and so forth.

Body Materials

Bodies: The dead body itself, portions of the body(Limbs or instinctive organs), bones and cartridges, teeth, hair, nails, tissue, viscera, muscles, skin, and so forth.


Firearms: such as guns, guns, shotguns, assault rifles, rifles, and so forth.

Ammunition, for example, live cartridges, projectiles, pellets, cartridge shells, wads, black powder, the skin of passage wound, objects bearing slug openings, powder buildup marks, and so on..

Other weapons: Spears, Knife, Stone, block, iron-bar, hatchet, scissors, razor, and so forth.


Mechanical Tools: Screwdriver, Saw, Hammer, drill, and so forth.

Woodworker Hazardous devices: Chain Saw, Jigsaw, and so forth.

Surgical Tools: Scalpel, Rf Knife, Liston Knife, Lancets, and so forth.

Chemical Substances

Explosives: their buildup, meld, tines any gadget including articles appropriated from the area of a blast that is slanted to contain the buildup of a hazardous.

Inorganic Substances: Such as stone, soil, stone pieces, cement, building material, minerals, acids, metal wire, glass sections, and so on..

Organic substances: Paint, oil, alcoholic items, mixers, oil, colors, ink, beautifying agents, and so forth.

Narcotic substances, for example, heroin, morphine, opium, cocaine, ganja, barbiturates, and other opiate and psychotropic drugs.

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Petroleum item: Petrol, lamp oil, diesel, engine oil, thinners, and so forth.


Fingerprints, palm prints, impressions, sole prints, shoeprints, tire-marks, instrument marks, hoof marks, paw marks, stick marks, slip marks, drag marks, teeth chomps, cut imprints, lip prints, fingerprints, and so forth.


Natural Fiber: cotton, jute, hemp, fleece, silk, and so forth.

Synthetic Fiber: nylon, polyester, rayon, spandex, latex, and so forth.

Fiber proof will be acquired as either garment, fabric, ropes, packs, tangle, bedsheet, covers, underpants, and so forth from which its source is either creature, human, natural hairs, or made assembling.


Handwriting, typewriting, photocopied matter, cash, notes, personality card, driving permit, and so on..

Mark sheets, testaments, signature, lottery tickets, railroad tickets, degree, and so on.

Registers, cashbooks, checks, bank drafts, receipts books, account books, bills, and so on.

Letters, application frames, typewriters, photos, pens, carbon papers, documents, and so on.

Poisons and their compartments

Pesticides, bug sprays, sustenance, pills, containers, ampoules, powder, seeds, tranquilize, disinfectants, and so on.

Containers, bottles, needles, utensils, and so on..

Fire materials

Inflammable, compartments, coordinate box, lighter, stove, and so forth.

Fire-flotsam and jetsam, dust, earth, consumed or semi consumed garments, wood, paper, soil, and so on.


Articles having a place with the offender or unfortunate casualty, for example, pocket journal, brush, ID card, driving permit, phone, shoes, vehicle, catches, cuts, clasps, migrate, adornments, ring, belt, and so forth.

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