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Intramurals Essay Example

43rd Intramurals Games 2012 SSCT Clad in their most awaited event with the pride,the Surigao State College of Technology successfully held their 43rd Intramurals 2012 with the theme “Sustaining Sports Excellence through Healthy Competition and Teamwork”held at the SSCT quadrangle last September 12-15,201.The program was an all event activity compressed into a five day program of different skill competition, games, entertainment. All students competed as team with their respective unit/department. The first day started and become meaningful with the long parade and a mass started exactly 6:30-9:00 am held at the academic center (mass) and the long parade start after the mass. After the long-parade, everyone was welcomed by the supportive and active president of SSCT Dr. Gloria C. Gemparo, the opening of the their 43rd Intramurals game-2012 formally opened.

The event become more meaningful and exciting that compressed of series of skill competition such as Dance showdown, Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, Sepak Takraw, Tag of War ,Chess and Table Tennis. Despite of the scorching heat of sun, ball games rage with the intensity and each team shown no mercy fighting for the championship. An atmosphere of fiesta smothered the air as the talented students shown their best to defeat and show their best on every games and part of the program. On the other venue held also the search for the new Ginoo and Binibining SSCT pageant show was another option for those who are not skillful in ball games.

“Sportsmanship, Perfection, Obedience, Respect and Thankfulness”Mr. Virgillo B. Galido, VSSL Principal defined SPORT during his welcome address in the ceremony and the awarding of winners held at the SSCT quadrangle last September 15,2012.In the last night of the intramurals awarding and closing ceremony the STATS club was considered as champion in the club organization showdown. However, engeneereing (female) the was proclaimed champion in the ball games. But it was the colorful dance of College of Industrial Technology division that made the crowd entertained with the peoples shouts, cheers and claps, which made them winners. To sum up with, the engineering division/unit 5 was proclaimed as the overall champion while the unit 1,unit 2,unit 3 gathered first place to third respectively. The most glamorous lad and lass of the night was also recognized and end with the happiness and disco.The program was formally ended by the biological and physical students Mr.Warren T.Pondoc and Ms.Rose Ann C.Cahulugan the master of the ceremony.

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