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Every year, our school Bansud National High School – Regional Science High School celebrates its annual Intramurals in which all the students were grouped into four teams. Each team will have representatives in each sporting events. This yearly activity is exciting for the students because they will have break on studying and focus on sports even just for two days.

This year, the Intramurals was held on August 22-23, 2013. But before the Intramurals, itself, the candidates for Mr. & Ms. Intrams 2013 had a pictorial.

Then, it was posted on “The Magnitude Online”, the page of BNHS-RSHS on a particular social media network. It was done to know who will receive Mr. & Ms. Popularity on the first day of the intramurals. Each group, the Graymisphere, the Pink Dynasty, the Purple Power and the Orange Hitlers, were also given time to practice for the Cheerdance Competition.

When the day of the Intramurals came, the students and faculty of the school gather at the basketball court.

Next is the parade where each family showed their uniform and how disciplined they are. The most disciplined group will be awarded at the awarding ceremony. After the parade, the students were given some minutes to freshen up for the cheer dance competition.

At the cheer dance competition, each team showed their ability to dance and make yells for their teams. This is one of the most awaited parts because this event has a big point. This event is a big part in pointing system especially for the total tallying.

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The first placer for the cheer dance will have 25 points, 20 points for the 2nd , 15 for the 3rd and the 4th will receive 10 points.

After the cheer dance competition, other competition followed like the dancesports and the Ms. And Ms. Intrams. The candidates  After of all the events, the winners were announced. For the cheerdance competition, graymisphere got the first place, purple power for 2nd place, pink dynasty for 3rd place and orange hitlers for the 4th place. But orange hitlers ruled the dance floor when Nathaniel Manalo and Rochelle Hernandez got first place in the dancesports for Standard Category. Both grade 7 students won the dancesports for the other category from the Graymisphere.

The winner for the search is Camille Sangalang and Ivan Abalos representing the Purple Power followed by Nica Laurena and Reymer Honrales from Graymisphere. Cesar Panganiban and Alyssa Nazareno from Pink Dynasty got the third place and Orange Hitlers represented by Faye Venturanza and Moises Mampusti got the 4th place. Also, Ivan Abalos and Nica Laurena became the Mr. and Ms. Popularity.

The students took their lunch to have energy for the sporting events. But before that, they did head count to ensure that all students are participating in the said activity. The attendance will also be a part of the scoring. And the games started. There were players for volleyball, badminton, basketball, basketbell, sepak takraw, chess, table tennis, and running. Each team will have representatives that will fight to win so they’re family will be recognized as the Champion for Intramurals 2013. For those students who are not players, they were given tasks like cheering and cleaning the quarters. There will also be award for the Active Cheerers and Best Quarter. This occasion is not only to show how an individual perform as a player but also how they work as a team, sportsmanship, discipline and how mature they are as a person.

After two days of battling for the awards, it came down to the awarding ceremony. Purple Power got first place in the Volleyball Boys and Pink Dynasty on the girls division. Orange Hitlers ruled the Basketball and Purple Team on Basketbell. Graymisphere got the Badminton while Pink Dynasty conquered Table Tennis. The Marathon is for the Orange Hitlers and the special awards go to Pink Dynasty. As for the Overall tally, Orange Hitlers on the fourth place while Purple Power on third place with only a three points advance. The Intramurals 2013 was conquered by Pink Dynasty and Graymisphere got second.

Overall, the activity had been very tiring yet a memorable one. Unfortunately, this is the last time for the seniors and we feel sad for that. After all, the Intramurals plays a big part in a student’s life.

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