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IntPE-L2 Learning Research

Mirko Kruger explained in his article that German schools have faced difficulties in trying to help refugees adapt to the everyday school routines to strive academically. However, the language barrier causes complications, for that reason, an experiment is conducted to investigate the intPE- L2 learning approach on young refugees, to result in a better academic performance. The hypothesis was that the intPE- L2 learning activities in additional PE lessons may influence and improve their vocabulary, comprehension, etc. Kruger (2018) explained that intervention studies have proven that the intPE- L2 learning approach improved their written and oral, which applies to preschoolers with speech impediments as well.

Based on a considerable amount of research, the findings show that PE lessons might stimulate the children’s cognitive capacities, however, despite the information, there are no studies that have examined the effect on young refugees.

The study was conducted by the declaration of Helsinki and approved by the ethics committee. 61 young refugees, 34 males, and 27 females took part in the study.

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They were all chosen from different primary schools located in Essen. The inclusion criteria for the study was the conflict or persecution in their home country which led to them migrating to Germany. The participants were separated into two groups, Interventional vs Control. The Intervention group had 18 male and 13 female participants between the ages of 6 to 10 years old. They come from 6 different countries who migrated between 2015 and 2016. The Control group, on the other hand, consists of 16 males and 14 females between the ages of 6 to 11 years old who migrated between 2013 and 2016.

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The duration of the Intervention was from August to December of 2016/2017 and consisted of 6 lessons. Trained teacher apprentices were to supervise the intervention and received extensive training regarding the theoretical concepts and intervention contents. Each Intervention was conducted by two people and to ensure its accuracy and preciseness, a primary teacher was present and apprentices were asked to make a self-report after each lesson.

As a result of the experiment conducted, there were no significant differences identified for cognitive ability. A linear mixed effect model was performed to analyze the effectiveness of the intPE- L2 intervention, the fixed effect was the time before and after the test, the main effect was the age and the group. The two interaction effects that entered into the LMM are between group and time and between age and group.

In conclusion, through the methods and quasi-experimental study that was conducted, results show that the school-based intPE-L2 learning approach is highly effective for students learning a new language especially in terms of improved domain-specific vocabulary and listening comprehension

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