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Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (488 words)
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Wouldn’t you enjoy always being on top of new happenings? Would you also like to meet new friends? If any of this interests you then the internet is the way to go. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you should already have knowledge of the internet. In most cases you really just haven’t been compelled to learn more about it. Other cases could be the feeling that you wouldn’t really understand. The internet is great because you could stay on top of new worldwide news, meet new online friends and discover subjects and other things that you never have before.

In today’s modern life, the internet has been used for several things dealing with how you live. When people need information they would much rather rely on the internet that any other source. You can access the web in many different ways. Currently in 2019 there are several platforms to access this tool. You could use a phone, laptop, pc and many other things that coincide with the World Wide Web.

In this modern time the internet is used to do about everything and anything you can think of. Nowadays you’ll see news get published on websites before anything is said about the certain subject on television. The internet is not held within the news radius though, people have seemed to go digital over the passed decade or so. People now use the internet to do things such as pay bills online and go online shopping. This helps stores and companies sell their product to customers. It also allows consumers to buy goods from the comfort of their homes without having to worry about going out and buying them.

The internet is fully used in most schools all around the world. Kids from a very young age are taught how to use these resources for school work. Over the past years, school work has become more reliant on computers and other technologies. Students can search about a subject they were assigned to write an essay on. Students can also discover new subjects and worlds that they couldn’t without the internet.

On the other hand everything about the internet isn’t really positive. The internet can be addictive in certain ways. This is especially but not limited to the younger age group made up of teens and younger. The web is important to modern society but has a lot of road bumps that come with it. Many safety issues have arised with younger children talking to other people online. These people could potentially be predators so advisory is important.

In conclusion the world has been completely changed by this important advantage. It has more positives than negatives in my honest opinion. It’s a positive because of the way it helps society grow and flourish. It’s negative because of the way it can potentially help predators. In all modern-day life will soon be even more advanced thanks to the internet.

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