International Student Life Essay

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International Student Life

I am a international student who are studying in America. My goals are improving my English and enter a collage. Studying in America has a lot of advantages, such as we can learn new cultures. But Studying in different country is a difficult thing for teenager, for example, we need to adapt to new surroundings. First, studying in America, it is a good thing for me. For example, I can improve English faster, because I have to communicate with teachers, students and my homestay in English every day, I can more practice my spoken. But in China, even though I studied in English school, I spoke Chinese most of the time in my life.

The second, I can study a lot of new cultures. For instance, I can study ways of greetings in America. When people get back home, they will say “Did you have a good day? ” then, people will talk about their life. When my homestay ask me, ”Did you have a good day? ” I am feeling very warm. But in china, when I got back home, I just said” Dad, Mum, I am coming back! ” So in my opinion, American greetings could promote sentiment between the parents and friend’s. Finally, I can make friends who can speak English. Such as my friend who name is Myahri. She is from Turkmenistan. She is very nice to me.

She taught me how to stay with American family, how to make American friends and how to write essay. She often encourages me. I had a lot of benefit from her. I really cherish this friend. Everything has two handles. Studying in America also has a lot of disadvantages. we need to adapt to new surroundings. For instance, American schools have different school system. In China, students take their all the classes in the same classroom, and the student locker is in their own classroom. But in America , I need take next period book and find next period classroom in five minutes. Sometimes I even have not time to go to bathroom.

Then because of cultural differences, for example, American like using Email, but Chinese do not like using Email such as me. I hardly use Email in China. At beginning, because of my regular habit, I missed lots of important information. The last point is language problem. For instance, my English is not good. So some of the classes is very difficult to me. Sometimes I need spent many times doing my homework. Because I need translate questions and handouts. It is hard to keep grade for international student. Studying in America is a difficult thing, but if you try to make America friends, it is very helpful to you.

American friends will make your like more colorful. You need spend more time staying with homestay, it will develop relationship between you and your homestay. It is helpful for your daily life. Finally, I think that football is good to know. Everyone in America likes football game. This is a good topic to talk with people. In general, also studying in America is difficult thing to me, but I think that studying in America has more good than bad. This is good chance to improve myself. And studying America , I can have more chance to enter famous university.

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