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International Plastics Proposal

Categories: Plastic

Document Purpose

This document is meant for the executives and top management of International Plastics Inc. Manufacturing. International Plastics Inc. Manufacturing will be referenced as client hereafter.

The copyright of this document belongs to Katrina Freeman. Please do not copy any part of this document without consent and approval.

This document is created as a proposal document for Katrina Freeman services offering in distinguishing options integrating e-commerce into International Plastics Inc. Manufacturing business strategy. Ecommerce is defined as the marketing, buying and selling of products over the internet.

The client does not currently have an ecommerce department.

This proposal will include a list of anticipated functional requirements in order to integrate e-commerce. The first step to integrate e-commerce into the International Plastics Inc. Manufacturing company is to develop a department to handle e-commerce. This department needs a strong e commerce manager to oversee the online sales of the company. The ecommerce manager for International Plastics Inc. is responsible for the image of the company and generating sales through the internet.

The manager also should oversee the team of web and software developers who contribute to the look and system of the website. They are responsible for developing an e-commerce presence map, a timeline and utilize SEO which is search engine optimization services. An Ecommerce presence map consists of three items the first is the type of presence. The second is the ecommerce map and the huge role on the impact of the website. The third type of presence meaning e-mail, social media, website, and offline media.

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The platforms used for each of the presence types should be listed. The activities performed in each of the platforms. The ultimate goal is to drive customers to the site and keep them there. Multiple E-commerce platforms are; computers, smartphones, tablets, purchased and internal list, Facebook, Twitter, television, and radio.

A normal timeline for this would be First planning, secondly website development, web implementation, social media plan, social media implantation and lastly mobile plan website.

A functional requirement for developing an e-commerce business model is to make sure the website loads fast. Some factors to ensure proper, quick loading of the site would include image size, rich content, broken code, broken links and caching. With the proposal you can rest assure that the images will be sized appropriately, videos will be of the highest quality, using the latest caching technology will be key. The website needs to be responsive, have an easy customer friendly checkout process.

Client Brief

Client desires to integrate e-commerce into International Plastics Inc. E-commerce web design development and application for International Plastics Inc.

Customers will be able to login and or register on the first page of the website. If a customer registers then an account is created from the login information given from the website. A search field will be available for the customers to search the complete website for like values and return them. Customers will be able to make payments for items once signed into their respective accounts. Customers will be able to view the cart prior to checkout. If more items need to be added and or removed then it can be done while reviewing the cart. After checkout customer will receive a receipt on screen to print. System will also send a duplicate to the customers email address.

A must needed document to create a budget for the website. Budgeting a website is kind of tricky and it completely varies from company to company. Since International Plastics Inc. Manufacturing is at such an early stage of the building process it is difficult to develop a budget in detail.

In summary, the ecommerce website design needs to be: fast, responsive, smooth, personalized and accessible. All created source code will be given to International Plastics Inc. Manufacturing.

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