Intercultural Communication and Culture shock

Culture of each country, each region is very various and unique. As we face to a culture that we cannot relate to, it becomes very challenging. Feelings of anxiety, frustration and confusion can definitely arise.

Culture shock affects intercultural communication when it is not recognized and dealt with effectively. International business, for example, this can be frustrating and confusing to someone who is working in internationally. For instance, if a businessman relocates from the UK to the US may assume that they will not have difficulty adapting to American culture because they share the same language and have similar values and attitudes.

However, what many people do not recognize are the behaviors of American people which impact social and business communication and relationships and result in culture shock. Companies must recognize and assist employees through the different stages of culture shock by giving employee cross-cultural training prior to working abroad or allowing the employee time to adjust to the new environment (Study.

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It has been discovered that culture shock significantly affects international business (Kovaleski , 2013). The feeling of culture shock can be very daunting for the people who are engaged in international business because there is an added of creating and maintaining a business relationship that has good returns. Anxiety and stress occur by culture shock make people feel frustrated to adjust to intercultural communication in the initial time. Some people do not want to have a conversation with people in a new culture because they afraid of experiencing a breakdown conversation when they cannot understand what the locals say.

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Gradually, they are easy to be isolated in an intercultural environment. Fortunately, people will usually get over the stress and anxiety when they go through the stages of culture shock.

Newcomers suffer from culture shock have difficulty getting on well with new colleagues in another culture. They have feelings of deprivation in relation to friends, status, profession Therefore, the process of cross-cultural communication cannot be smooth as it is expected. Newcomers could get a feeling of disorientation or depression because of the effort to adapt to the new environment.

Updated: May 21, 2021
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