Information Systmes in Global Business Today Essay

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Information Systmes in Global Business Today

1) What are UPS “smart labels”? What role do they play in UPS operations?

Answer: UPS “Smart Labels” is a computer generated shipping label that stores all pertinent data for shipping of packages from inception to delivery. It stores the sender information in order to facilitate timely and efficient delivery of the package.

The “Smart Labels” plays an important role in UPS operation. UPS was founded on a promised made by Jim Casey and Claude Ryan in 1907, “The Best Service and Lowest Rate”, with that, today the smart label afford the UPS customers with an increased in reliability, knowledge and flexibility in delivery of the package.

2) Write out the steps a package takes from pick-up by UPS driver to delivery including the role of DIAD, the UPS Data Center, and the UPS Package Center:

Answer: First, the customer input all the information about the package, then all the information is sent to a main database, and instantly the system generates a “smart label” which is attached to the package, Second, The UPS driver picks up each day a handheld computer called a Delivery Information Acquisition Device, (DIAD), which has the daily route in addition, the DIAD can access a wireless database. The UPS Data Center stores the package delivery, all the while providing the customer with up to minute information. It is important to note, at the same time all this is happening, all package goes through a package center and all information is stored in the data base.

3) What role does wireless communication play in the UPS systems?

Answer: Wireless communication plays an intricate role in the UPS system. To ensure flexibility, the DIAD IV includes wireless connectivity options. This allows customers to communicate with devices (cellphone, computer) to track their packages. Anyone with a package to ship can access the UPS web site to track their packages. This approach will increase customer satisfaction and revenue.

4) How Has information technology transformed the package delivery business?

Answer: Information technology has transformed the package delivery business in a significant way. The technology has afforded companies to utilize less paper and storage space. It also allows efficiency and timely delivery as well as allowing the customer to monitor and even re-route packages throughout the delivery process. This can be done from utilizing their desktop and or smartphones. The bar code is scanned at various locations and the data is stored at the central base all this is done when a customer input the data and the drivers scan the bar code.

5) How does UPS’s investment in IT help it achieve the strategic business objectives described in Chapter 1? Answer: UPS investment in IT is essential in achieving their strategic business plan. UPS is continuously seeking to improve operational excellence in order to achieve increase profitability. The new product (DIAD IV) is essential in communication data to provide information. Because of IT investment, UPS has acquired customer and supplier Intimacy through customer ability to track packages via desktop/smartphones.

With IT, UPS business manager and drivers are able to operate in real-time with shared information. This will afford an opportunity to for managers responded timely to situations that may arise. In addition, investment in provide a competitive advantage to UPS. It allows elimination of waste, continuous improvements and optimizing customer satisfaction. Because UPS remain invested in IT, the organization will remain on the cutting edge of technology and the company will continue to survive.

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