Information System of Buddy App

Executive Summary

Buddy is a new multi-destination ride sharing app which was launched quite recently in February 1st 2019. Since its introduction buddy has been delivering its services throughout Dhaka and has been getting well deserved praise for it. It is highly cost efficient and it is the first ride sharing app where more than one people can use the service at the same time. Since Buddy is an online based company that runs via an application, it is important that it uses information system for the company's progression.

This is a report on the way Management Information System at Buddy functions and the different ways in which it solves its problems and finds solution for it.

  • This report discusses the following functions that buddy uses to run its online management system.
  • Buddy uses MIS in the middle and lower level layers of the organization
  • Buddy gathers information from both internal and external sources.
  • Buddy uses Intranet, Extranet and Internet.
  • Buddy has to face some online security threats which they handle with expertise.
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Buddy is a unique multi ride sharing app which has been introduced quite recently. It is quite important for them to ensure that they have a good set of information systems to remain competitive in this market since they are an emerging one. In this report, we discuss about buddy's management information systems, how it commences its business on a day to day basis, the databases it uses, the technical difficulties and the solutions to it.

Role of Information Systems at Buddy

Buddy, in order to conduct its business properly relies on multiple information systems.

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These include: Management Information System, Transaction Processing System and decision support system.

Since we are working on the management information sector we will be discussing the functions that come with it.

It is important that they have a way of collecting company information from within and outside the company. So they collect it via their app where the customer reviews the ride according to higher preference and also the chauffeur presents the information directly.

Buddy makes sure to collect information about the employee location and his whereabouts which no other app does so significantly. It makes sure that the chauffeurs are experienced and reliant to give the consumers the maximum amount of satisfaction.

In order to attract customers into using their services, Buddy uses MIS for advertising according to people's needs. With the information collected, Buddy understands the way consumers use it and uses the information to send offers to make sure it customers stay loyal to it and do not switch to any of its rivals.

The Management Information System of buddy supports the middle and lower level of it.

Through MIS buddy collects information about the lower level that includes the drivers and the customers. Through that it allocates the consumers to the chauffeurs so that they can match their demands at the shortest time possible and also by allocating the fare.

With the help of Management Information System and transaction processing systems buddy makes decisions for the middle level. For example, allocating price for various distances and places and so on. Using different types of offers to attract consumers is also one of the many things Buddy's mid-level management deals with.

The advantages that buddy experiences by using management information system are as follows:

  • It's a lot less time consuming since it saves a lot of manual time and gets the work done quite easily.
  • It saves a lot of space since it is saved on the databases and also helps them get rid of data which they no longer require.
  • The information is spontaneous and is extremely accurate as the information systems are updated regularly.

Systems Approach to Understand Information Systems

The management information system of buddy uses both internal and external sources to gather data for input. External sources for data input are mainly the customers and the drivers giving information to Buddy. Other external data come from competitors' strategic decisions, market research and all of these are used as an input to the management information systems.

Then comes the part where the memory entirely is entirely stored in the management information systems. The software analyzes the data as it is and it is programmed to process all the necessary information.

Buddy's management information system generates several reports for the managers. There are both regular reports and special reports. Regular reports for Buddy consist of schedule reports. Scheduled reports are produced on a specific period. Exceptional reports are generated when something unusual happens and it requires management's attention.

Information Systems and Web Technologies

Buddy's management information system uses web technologies. Internet, intranet, and extranet; all three of these are used to support the system. External sources are an extremely important way to collect information for Buddy. Extranet is used as a principal operational tool for Pathao's management information system. They provide their service to the customers and link the riders and delivery men with the customers by using dedicated extranet. They use the internet as a tool for market research, data harvesting and communication. The management information system transfer and deliver information from one department to the other.

Internet helps them to provide a significant service of connectivity and information. It gives them an edge by cutting costs in almost all functions. The Internet has simplified their business processes and made progress in business relationship building. The information system has better internal communications as they use intranet technology. Intranet allows the system to share resources between several departments and to collect data easily. So the internet, intranet and extranet provide buddy the cutting edge since it is a relatively new ride sharing service in the market. These help it to respond to any difficulties faced by the consumers by aiding to them and in some cases if the situation is out of control the internal system of the company can shut the vehicle down. These technology shows how flexible buddy is and how it stands out compared to its competitors.

Technical Understanding

  • Buddy keeps their database confidential but this is what we could gather. They have a dynamic database system and use MySQL.
  • Two of the reports they can extract from their database software are:
  • The preferable distance which a customer will travel.
  • The fare which a consumer is ready to give or the maximum fare an individual will give.
  • Buddy collects a lot of customer and employee information and they mine the data for their day to day usage. For example: Buddy collects information about a customer's trips from a particular place and how much he tends to pay. Based on his preferred payment buddy sends specified offers only to that individual so that they don't switch to any other app and which in turn increases their customer loyalty.

After collecting the maximum information we could the entities and the attributes of them are given below.

Riders o Location o Vehicle Model o Fare earned o Ratings

Customers o Location o Ride fare o Distance o Time

Information system threats


Buddy often faces continuous requests from certain users in order to slow down their server and making it difficult for other users to use the application. However they charge a good amount which is also known as the cancel fund when someone does it deliberately so that when the next time he actually uses it he has to pay the amount.


While running an online based business, Malwares are always a serious security threat.


Since buddy is a relatively new app hacking it maybe comparatively easier than the other ride sharing apps. But buddy aims to improve its security and take it at a state where hacking will be extremely difficult.


Buddy constantly keeps an eye in the organization to ensure that no employee give away any significant info to its rivals. If so the consequences can be catastrophic.

Out these five threats the most the most dangerous are hacking and malware

Preventing hacking

Buddy can prevent hacking by preparing for it beforehand. As mentioned earlier since it is a new ride sharing app it may have some security weaknesses compared to the others. They can prevent hacking from happening by increase the number of security layers which would make it more complicated to hack and also more time for the hackers to do their work. Hacking may be also prevented by implementing strong password policies and also by managing computer networks.

Preventing Malware Attacks

Buddy ensures that there is no redundant software which can carry malware. Buddy makes sure that these malwares do not create problems for them in the near future by constantly updating their systems and also informing their engineers to make custom anti-virus software to tackle these malwares.


In conclusion, buddy promises to be the best ride sharing app there is by providing its unique features, facilities and fares to its consumers. Buddy has a well maintained database system and an updated information system. Even though it is in its initial stage of market development it has been showing promise and will eventually get to the top as many believe. Buddy promises to use updated technologies and information systems as time goes by as it aims to provide the best service to its consumers and tackle any difficulty with ease.

We would like to thank Md. Abdur Rahman sir for giving us the opportunity to gather information regarding about the management information system regarding a huge company and hopefully we will try to implement the information we gained into our own use in the near future.

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