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Essay on Inclusive Education

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Pros and Cons of Inclusive Education

Yes, ideal inclusion is very expensive but having special schools separately is expensive as well. The respondents featured in this article believe that the curriculum for disabled students needs to be totally different from that of non-disabled students but it is so heartbreaking when students are isolated and stuck in classrooms lacking specialized help. Hence advocates co-location so as to ensu...


I like what you said about the eldest daughter. But I don't think she suffers from beahviour as a barrier to learning. Firstly, we should take her developmental stage into consideration, adolesence, early adolesence suffer from greater mood swings in a bid of automony. I think from Pringle's model - her need is need for recognition. I can imagine how she must feel, being the "normal" sibling - the...

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Barriers in Education

Schools of a variety of classroom practices that acknowledge the diversity among learners and differentiate according to individual learning suggests that these practices should be encouraged in inclusive classrooms. In these ways, schools can learn from one another and can increase their repertoire of strategies that enable support, address barriers to learning and provide quality education for t...

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My Teaching Methods in Inclusive Education

Communication is a key point in all aspects in life, communication with students is essential for them to ascertain progress and identify where improvements could be made. For communication to be effective teachers need to speak slowly and clearly and by only using words in which the students should be able to understand, however communication is a two way process, the teacher could ask questions ...

Inclusive Education

Developing positive attitude in parents, teachers, peers and the community at large towards the various categories of children with special needs (Mitchell, 2007). Providing equal opportunities to all children to share knowledge, resources and experiences. Suggesting approaches and teaching methodologies to accommodate all children in regular classes regardless of their diversities or disabilities...

Historical Foundation of Inclusive Education

The La Union Special Education Center was opened in the Division of La Union. In 1999, the following events took place: the Philspada National Sports Competition for the Disabled in Cebu City; issuance of the following DECS Orders No. 104 “Exemption of the Physically Handicapped from Taking the National Elementary Achievement Test and the National Secondary Aptitude Test”; No.108 “Strengthen...

Inclusive Education in Hong Kong

Perceptions of Regular Education Teachers toward Inclusion of all Handicapped Students in Their Classrooms. The Clearing House. 66(1). pp. 60-62. Shelton, E. (2006). Why can’t they figure out? In Elizabeth B. Keefe, Veronica M. Moore, and Frances R. Duff (Eds.), Listening to the experts:students with disabilities speak out. (ed 1, pp. 3-8). Baltimore : Paul H. Brookes Pub. Co UNESCO. (1994). The...

Pros and Cons of Inclusive Education

Benefits of inclusive education. Retrieved July 24, 2010 from http://www. merinews. com/article/benefits-of-inclusive-education/150756. shtml Schwartz, I. S. , Billingsley, F. F & McBride, B. M (2010). Including children with autism in inclusive preschools: strategies that work. Retrieved July 25, 2010 from, http://www. newhorizons. org/spneeds/inclusion/information/schwartz2. htm Schwartz, I....

Strengths and weaknesses of inclusive education

At the same time, a lack of certainty in this issue is seen by some observers as one of the outcomes of creating diverse contexts, and as a stimulant to creativity and collaborative problem solving in inclusive schools (Skrtic, 1995, p. 209). Anyway, the benefits of inclusive education if effectively implemented in practice can be substantial – those children with SEN earlier excluded from activ...

Inclusive Education Plan


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