Importance of The Nile River

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We have the world filled with people, towns, cities, and tons more stuff, but what really covers two-thirds of the Earthś surface is water. When the world adds more populations in our world than our water sources increases. In our world, we have so many rivers and oceans, but the one river that is fresh and produces water the most is the Nile River.

Information About the Nile River

Located in Egypt is the world’s longest river called the Nile River. The Nile River flows down to 4,132 miles in northward to the Mediterranean Sea. We have all types of rivers flowing in different directions, but the Nile River are a very unusual direction for a river to take. The Nile River has made Ancient Egypt popular, so if it wasn’t for the river, then it may have never become one of the greatest civilizations in history. People think that the Nile River is a river that flows down around trees and bushes, but really it is surrounded by major cities and some of those major cities are Cairo, Thebes/Luxor, Khartoum, Aswan, Karnak, and Gondokoro.

As the Nile River is just a river, it has served as a major source of transportation. When the season of flood appears, the road transportations in many areas are impossible.

Why is the Nile River Important?

As the Nile River kept flowing down its trail, it would leave thick, rich mud which was good for the Egyptian population. The nice rich mud, was excellent soil and that reason was because the soil was good to plant seeds in.

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The Egyptians would plant seeds to grow good crops. They would only plant seeds and receive the mud when it has been left behind from the river. When the Egyptians had their nice mud, they would have fields filled with crops all along the Nile River. The top crops they would plant along their fields are wheat, flax, and papyrus. Why is the Nile River important to Egypt? Since the Nile River has so many says to it, through a myth, the Nile was holding up people’s lives which made it important to every person’s life. The gods were mostly involved in the life of the Nile River and that is because of all of the river´s annual floods. ¨ The Nile was held up to the Ancient people as the source of all life in Egypt and an integral part of the life of the gods.¨

Why is the Nile River in Jeopardy (Egypt)?

The Nile River is in jeopardy because of a dam. In 1843, a dam was decided to get build across the Nile. The dam was 12 miles down to the city of Cairo. The dam was talked about for a while, but it was actually completed in 1861. After the dam was extended and improved, it may be marked as the beginning of the modern irrigation in the Nile valley. In the year 1901, the Zifta Barrage was added to the system. Only a year later, 1902, the Asyut Barrage was more than 200 miles upstream from Cairo. Then there was a first dam at Aswan that was built between 1899 and 1902. After years and years, the dam has been enlarged. In 1929 and 1934, the water level rose, but the dam’s capacity increased. The Aswan Dam was located to 600 miles upstream from Cairo and 4 miles upstream towards the actual Aswan dam that was created. What really the dam job was to do was to control the Nile water so the crops could get provided with water. All of this hard work started in 1959 and then was completed in 1970.

Why is the Dam Causing so Many Problems?

People in Egypt are fearing about the dam because it can cause so many problems. The people there and around the world are having fears about the water supply because it could cut into it. If it doesn’t cut into the water supply, then it can cause destroying parts of the farmland and lose water shortages. This all can hit up to 93 million people. If this impact happens, it could also affect the downstream, which crops are planted. No one really knows what the impact is really going to cause, but the Nile nations say that is is unfair and that they should ignore the needs of their own large populations.

All in all, towns, cities, lands, rivers are something that is covered in the whole world, but we all know that rivers are something important in our world and that without this water the world wouldn’t´ have crops. People in the Egyptian world prove that caring for people and crops shows how much the world comes together because of the Nile River. In all of our saying is that the Nile River is a big impact on our community and world.

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